Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone: I am on duty during Spring Festival (5)

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The Spring Festival is the reunion of the lights of the family but there is such a group of people because of the shoulder responsibility and mission always adhere to the work on the post to pay tribute — every Spring Festival adhere to the post of people pay tribute to every struggle on the road they adhere to the epidemic prevention of bayonet “hello, please show your itinerary code.”After confirming that the itinerary code is normal, the comprehensive reform of the public security bureau is on duty at the yeyu high-speed epidemic prevention checkpoint to remind drivers to pay attention to safety, and send a happy New Year’s blessing.The Spring Festival is the day of reunion, but the comprehensive reform of the public security bureau in The Yeyu expressway epidemic prevention checkpoint in Taiyuan, but gave up the opportunity to get together with their families in a year, stick to the front line of the epidemic prevention checkpoint, day and night duty, the passing of people and vehicles to carry out strict inspection.”The Yeyu Expressway is an important passage into Taiyuan, especially during the Spring Festival when the traffic flow is large and the flow of people is large, the task of epidemic prevention is more difficult.To ensure the health and safety of people in provincial cities, we dare not slacken our efforts.””Said the policeman on duty.During the Spring Festival, the outdoor temperature reached as low as minus 11 degrees Celsius. Standing outside for a while, you would get cold all over. Even under such conditions, the civilian auxiliary police on duty in the comprehensive Reform public Security Sub-bureau stood for a day, regardless of the cold weather, and did not miss a car or a person.To implement the harness change demonstration area in shanxi and taiyuan city public security bureau during the Spring Festival arrangement deployment, heddle change public security bureau deployed in advance, fully implement the warm love p p measures, in to hold the line on duty personnel to warm and holiday greetings at the same time, on New Year’s eve the patrol team also led brigade canteen cooks to smelting, head of the valley bayonet, to the scene to make New Year’s eve family reunion dinner,And invited the checkpoint traffic police, health commission, traffic bureau and other duty units on duty personnel together into the reunion dinner.”It is so cold that we still stick to our posts.With you here, we will be at ease.””One driver said.During the Spring Festival of 2022, the strivers at the production line of Taiyuan Heavy Industry Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. continued to stick to their posts, calling for responsibility with mission, demonstrating commitment with execution, and exerting extraordinary power on ordinary posts.In order to ensure that key users and the company’s scientific research team can carry out work in an orderly manner after the holiday, in accordance with the company’s just-in-time production concept, during the Spring Festival, the company’s second high-end wheel processing line and wheel shaft factory wheel pair processing center 24-hour scheduling, to ensure the timely delivery of high-end products.Before the production organization during this Spring Festival, the company did a lot of preparatory work.The production planning department insists on “user first”, actively contacts with the marketing center, understands the actual needs of users in detail, reverses the construction period, comprehensively considers the packaging, transportation and other link cycles during the Spring Festival, and scientifically schedules the production plan;The process and technology department carefully decomposed the production plan, identified important quality control nodes in advance, and provided sufficient technical support for the production line.The equipment department has established a 24-hour on-duty standby mechanism of “mechanical, electrical and hydraulic” professional engineers to coordinate public production auxiliary areas to ensure the normal supply of water, electricity, heating and compressed air resources during holidays.Primary production department adhere to the “people-oriented”, on the basis of ensure the normal operation of production line, fully research, respect for the young worker, beyond the personalized needs of the worker, the reasonable arrangement worker shifts, through “and concentrate production, the rest” “paid leave” way “in” and so on, to ensure every worker at the same time, to perform the job can be reunited with his family;The department of safety and environmental protection strictly implemented the responsibility of production safety supervision, carried out pre-holiday safety inspection, and designated personnel to be responsible for the production site safety inspection during the festival;The comprehensive office of the company fully considers the difficulties faced by employees in commuting and dining during the Spring Festival, coordinates the opening hours of the canteen, and arranges the regular bus shifts reasonably, so as to solve the worries of commuting and dining for front-line employees.Solid preparation, to the production line to provide a strong backing.Cao Yu, a young worker at the second wheel Factory, said: “Although I couldn’t bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year with my family on New Year’s Eve, AS a heavy person in the new era, I feel honored to contribute to the cause of China’s rail transit.From the company this big family care makes me feel gratified, I will be filled with enthusiasm into the company’s high-quality development process, for users to process more high-quality wheels.”Source: Shanxi Comprehensive reform Demonstration Area Responsibility: Tang Hua li Lin