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After the New Year, the weather gradually warm up, and can take advantage of the weekend to go out to play, today I recommend a sunshine two days and one night weekend tour, let’s have a look.Day 1: Sunrise (free) Friends leaving Saturday morning can switch with their next morning trips.The third bathing beach and the Wankou scenic area can see the sunrise, the location of these two scenic areas are very good, living in the urban taxi time is not long.If you want to play on the beach after watching the sunrise, you can recommend the Wankou Scenic area, which is larger and has more entertainment.At this time of year, it can be very cold on the beach mornings, so be sure to wrap yourself up. If you want to take good photos, opt for a fall/winter beach outfit.There are a lot of delicious food near the Wankou Scenic area and the third bathing beach. There are cafeterias and many seafood fishermen.I prefer to go to Qianwangyuan Seafood Restaurant. It is a Jiaodong cuisine with affordable prices and fresh seafood dishes.One of the attractions of Amway is the Seashore National Forest Park. I think this is another must-see besides the Wankou Scenic Area.There are plenty of places to go on the route from Beach 3 to The Forest Park Scenic area, or consider rv camping if you have time.Beach Forest Park, as the name implies, is a combination of beach and forest, known as the Oriental Hawaii.With 78% vegetation coverage, it is also a great place to escape the heat.Second day first stop: Ocean Park (need to buy tickets) Ocean Park best go in the morning, more performances.In addition, it is best to book tickets in advance, and the number of visitors is limited according to the epidemic prevention requirements.The Ocean Park is mainly divided into two venues: the Ocean Park and the Botanical Garden. The Ocean Park has an underwater tunnel, a feeding show, a jellyfish hall and so on, as well as a lot of cute little penguins, and the otter family performance. In short, the content is rich, must be worth the ticket price.One seafood meal is not enough for those of us who work so hard. Let’s have at least two meals.After tasting Jiaodong cuisine the previous day, you can eat a steam seafood pot the next day. There are many seafood methods, but you always feel steamed and delicious, and you won’t feel guilty if you eat too much meat and stomach.Recommended chocolate fisherman’s old stove steam seafood pot, large quantity, seafood pot is still alive.And quite a few stars have clocked in.After a big meal, go home for half a day and get ready for the week ahead.