Girl, don’t marry far away, even if love again, to the middle-aged parents are still the most really care

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The second day is the day to return home. For those who are close to their parents’ homes, it is a time of great joy, but for those who have married far away, today is also a sad day.The disadvantages of long marriage in special time nodes appear particularly dazzling, the more the festival of the lively more set off their antipathy.Usually, we are busy with work and life. Although we miss home, it is not so intense, because there is no contrast. At this time, people who are close to home are talking and laughing around their parents with their children.But far married people can only force a smile in a strange environment, always feel before, there are trains, high-speed rail, convenient transportation to go home when you can go back.Later I learned that sometimes distance can really become distance, because life is not a fairy tale, there are many things to make you unprepared.Before feel traffic is convenient, now just know far marry this road is not so simple when young hear daughter fall in love, be the other place, parents always object, the first reason is marry so far, far later want to go back and forth all difficult, later have a bit of matter we are not around you how to do?But the daughter was infatuated with love but laughed at her mother did not understand love, he loved me, will be good to me, and now there are planes, convenient transportation, as long as you want to come back at any time.It is only after getting married that I find that life is not love. When you have a home, it is difficult to go home with concerns. What’s more, the past few years have always been repeated.Some net friends said, New Year’s eve to see my eyes tears, from Inner Mongolia to Xi ‘an married.If I have another chance, I will not choose to marry far away.Last year, I took my child back once, but only stayed for a dozen days because of my love and the school term.This is the only time I’ve been home in three years, and either my children are too young or I’m in a bad mood.Two parents at home for the New Year, can not accompany them to enjoy their family happiness.His home from childhood to adulthood is no longer said to be able to go back to the back, trivial day, life of a chicken feather, the child can not go back to school, work can not go back to the hand, no money can not go back, distant married people became orphans from now on.Really young is not sensible, sensible is no longer young to marry the daughter close to her mother’s home, can return to her mother’s home every two days, but for the daughter of distant marriage, return to her mother’s home may be a year or a few years, or even a lifetime can not go back several times.Although the means of transportation are developed now, airplanes and high-speed trains can be reached in a short time, but after all, my daughter has married and she has a home to take care of. It is not easy to walk.Sometimes it’s just too much to go back to her family.Some readers wrote to say that they had been married for five years and had not returned home for the Spring Festival.The first year, happily beside my lover, I do not regret getting married.The second year, I also don’t know after I don’t regret.In the third year, I had a baby and couldn’t go home. I started to miss my parents and regretted it.In the fourth year, I felt homesick more and more because of the friction between bringing up the children and the in-laws’ family. In the fifth year, I only felt regret for marrying far away and not being able to return home.Even though he is kind to you, he cannot resist missing his parents as he grows older.Even if you marry a good man, you still can’t replace the happiness in front of your parents. Years later, when you face them with gray hair and even fetching a glass of water is a luxury, you will only have endless remorse and guilt.You ask far married happy person, the husband is good to you, the answer may be good.But does she regret it?The answer is yes.Because the most love is always better than their parents, parents love us, such as life.If you can’t go home this year, remember to call a few more times, parents want us to be all right, next year to try to make more money, because many times, women can go back at any time or money.If you have the money, you can go back for 3 days. You don’t need to worry about the high fare or the remarks of your in-laws. You can go back as long as you have time, even if it is the weekend.Because of distant marriage, so must be strong.Lost to accompany their parents and relatives, lost friends and girlfriends can talk about grievances, lost the original naive and simple themselves.Retreat has no home, into the ruthless, only strong alone forward.In this way, we can take care of ourselves when we are in trouble, we can make our parents less worried, and we can take care of our parents without any burden when they need us.END interprets emotional confusion, focuses on marital problems, is willing to listen to your sorrow and happiness, accompanied all the way