Disappointment, from the unequal transaction, about the feelings of the final no feelings, but transactions

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Love is a series of transactions, marriage is a trading market.Disappointment stems from unequal trading.Those who speak of feelings lose them;Those who speak of interests have feelings as a result.Trading isn’t about being ruthless, it’s about choosing the right emotions.Because of our enthusiasm, we learned to be indifferent.Indifference is actually a way to make money. Indifference is a rational behavior that will make people more money and lower the cost. Making money is love and improving the strength of love.Don’t talk about love strength, only talk about love, that is deceiving.And the enthusiasm is like fire, often hurt people hurt themselves, but increase trouble, increase their difficulty, increase the transaction cost of everyone’s love and marriage.People talk more about trade, exchange, less about feelings.Sentimental, tend to let the good people suffer.In love and business, many great men are ruthless and rational. They do things by principles and rules, not by blind passion.This is the strong, you want to be strong or weak, it is your own choice.He is light when his heart is warm and caring and his pocket empty.Cold heart, only concerned about cash, flow problems, equal to the pocket thick.Money does not need love, love is everywhere;Where there is no money, there is no love;When you have money, people need your love.When you have no money, you need someone’s love.Love is a value exchange chip, survival value or reproduction value.The life of eating gutter oil, the ability to ride a scooter, the mind of world affairs, equals poverty.Only concerned about flow, cash, equal to rich.You give the money to the master, let the master change your cash, you learned to go to other places to cash, or go to your industry cash, this is the terrible speed of trading thinking let people grow, you can now understand this sentence, you have the opportunity to follow the master cooperation cash.Of course, I am not saying THAT I am a master, Chen Changwen is a master, Chen Changwen group has a lot of master, go to me to pay, is the boss did not pay money quickly pay money.When he was young, he showed his sharp horns;When I was young, the wind and the clouds rose suddenly;When old, disappear, the world of mortals far away, even if the old should not know, there is no need to meet, under the same blue sky, there is no need to acacia.The older I get, the colder and sadder the world seems to me.Only constantly improve wisdom.With the experience of the people, to understand this sentence: the more people know, I like loneliness more and more.Women who enjoy solitude are healthier.Our life is good, optimistic, often brought about by the sadness of the spiritual world.My view of life is that you have to give up and gain, and you must know how to give up.The principle of trading is to focus on the big and the small, to give up something to get what.Follow your heart, let go of what you don’t want and get what you want.With me, you don’t pretend, you are transparent in front of your humanity.As long as you learn human nature, you will acquire my ability to judge people.Now popular with Chen Changwen learning human nature, early learning early enjoyment.You don’t bear the pain of learning, you have to bear the pain of life to you, if you can calculate accounts, to pay money.One should not seek, but give up and seek inward. This is the Way.Being good is the core of being in love and making money.Excellent own road no wide, to seek no way out.There is only one person in this world, you are good, the whole world is good, you can’t, do nothing.All you have to do is realize that life is not easy, grow up, and come to me to pay.Only when you give up what you haven’t given up can you get what you really deserve.What should be left out, what should be gained.Hope you use love treasure book class in the chip trade to balance, this problem is not clear, you have no future, whether to pay money, you look at do.Study for you, not for me.You can’t change the past, you can only change the future.Hard work is to make the future better.If you like what I share, just like it.