“The killer is not too calm”, contracted the Spring Festival too much laugh, Ma Li’s cumulative box office over ten billion

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“Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” has secured the top spot in the Spring Festival movie season, taking in more than 1.2 billion yuan at the box office.The second at the box office is the comedy “The Killer is not too calm” starring Ma Li. The box office of nearly 500 million yuan is also very amazing, helping Ma Li become a female star with a total box office of more than 10 billion yuan, which is also too high-energy!Comedy has always been the heart of the audience, because there are so many joys and sorrows in life, in the Spring Festival holiday, the most relaxed of the year, the audience hope to watch comedy, add more joy to the holiday atmosphere.Words, Mary and Shen Teng partner deductive gala sketch, over the years has always been the audience favorite sketch shows, added a lot of fun to the Spring Festival gala, their interpretation is easy to cause the audience of the heart, because they are of interpretation of life often happen, through artistic processing, can always lead the audience laughter, also can let a person after having smiling’ve learned a lot.”The killer is not too calm” female lead is Ma Li, but her partner this time is not Shen Teng, but Wei Xiang.However, this did not affect the audience’s enthusiasm for the film.I have to say that Ma Li and Shen Teng are perfect partners, but if they are separated from others to play a film or sketch, the effect is also very good.That two people are comedy interpretation of the shoulder, are the strength of the bear.The Professional also exceeded many people’s expectations. It’s a commercial comedy, but it’s a decent one.The challenge of “Singing in the Rain” is not awkward, all the emotions can fit on the joke point, let the audience who have been very hard for a year to relax completely, it is very popular.The audience is also praised, said that “The Killer is not too calm” is the Spring Festival dark horse, very funny, sensational is just right, not embarrassed, is the kind of ridiculous movie with a laugh, think about it and very sad.Wei Xiang lick knife three times where the whole theater are laughing out of breath, Ma Li so plump appearance is quite suitable for this look, too beautiful!The movie laughs as expected, but with more intensity than expected, and the movie simply doesn’t try to stop your laughter.And the movie just feels that the jokes are very down-to-earth, all the actors are very humorous, this 100 minutes is really a full score of joy.As the only family comedy film of the Spring Festival, The Professional is certain to become a dark horse at the box office, because no one will refuse to be happy.”The killer is not too calm” contracted the Spring Festival too much laugh, Ma Li’s cumulative box office over ten billion, win-win!This kind of movie is really very popular, the laughter and happiness brought to people is really precious, neutralize the bitterness of life, is its excellence.I feel “The Killer is not too calm” scene watching atmosphere is also too good, everyone is really the audience burst out laughing, laughing, almost laughing.As for all kinds of comments are not important, because the great joy of the scene is the most meaningful.I hope there will be a dozen of such comedies in the Spring Festival, just enough to watch, all the unhappiness of the year away, this is the most people look forward to.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.If you like this article, please long press the “like” button at the end of the article, one key three consecutive small make up surprise oh.(Original article, please do not copy)