Manchester United to get $20 million for training kitVisit Asia this summer and play Liverpool in Thailand

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United’s training kit has been stripped of chest advertising since its contract with Aon expired.The club’s new chief executive, Richard Arnold, is expected to pull a new sponsorship deal after cristiano Ronaldo’s return to the club boosted its commercial value.The Athletic reports that although sponsorship mania and former executive vice chairman Ed Woodward stepped down on February 1, The new tycoon, who has also served as commercial director in The past, has not disappointed and is close to agreeing a new sponsorship deal worth up to 20 million pounds a year.Tezos, a blockchain platform based in New York, could become the main sponsor of Manchester United’s training kit.Relevant information points out that Tezos is the first project to propose the solution of “on-chain autonomy”. Its main network was officially launched in September 2018, and issued Tezos tokens similar to Bitcoin, referred to as “XTZ tokens”.Tezos’s deal with Manchester United is said to be all set, with united players posing for a new advertising campaign, and the Sun says the club will soon announce a new sponsor.United hope the new sponsorship will bring hope to their fans and show that there will be no reduction in the club’s ability to operate commercially after Woodward’s departure.Last year, Manchester United negotiated a £200m sponsorship deal with UK e-commerce giant The Hut Group, but The ferocity of a public backlash against owners The Glazer family scared potential sponsors away.At the time, the United fans’ group issued an open letter warning any brand sponsoring the Red Devils would face a backlash from their fans.In the wake of Woodward’s resignation, glazer’s wooing of fans and cristiano Ronaldo’s return, united fans have softened their attitude and the club has successfully changed its main shirt sponsor.As a result, there is now no big obstacle to the official announcement of a sponsor.TeamViewer, Manchester United’s main shirt sponsor, gives the club £47m a year, worth £235m. That is nearly half of that, a successful deal in football’s current economic climate.But United fans want the new sponsorship money to be spent on transfers, buying new midfielders in positions where the club desperately needs reinforcements, rather than going to the glazer family, whose six brothers and sisters take around £20m a year from the club.United, meanwhile, are gearing up for overseas trips this summer in a bid to earn more appearance money.Among other things, The Times has revealed that Manchester United are likely to play a pre-season match in the Thai capital, Bangkok, against arch-rivals Liverpool, in a commercial fixture that will attract fans around the world.The overseas version of the premier League double Red Tie, which is expected to take place in July, could generate millions of pounds for United.Both Manchester United and Liverpool are hugely popular in Asia, and with the appeal of cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah, the game is sure to be packed.United were thrashed 5-0 at home by Liverpool this season and the two sides will meet again in the second leg of the Premier League at Anfield next month.