Lovely baby text: “Qin general, DNA identification results, that 2 children are your” sensation the whole group

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Today I recommend you a lovely baby: “Qin, DNA identification results, the two children are your” sensation throughout the group.”Pregnant with the president of the meng baby don’t want to run” novel introduction: Anning a face thriller, she reborn?Or nan Xing, the only child in the nan family?”Tang Shuyu, Wen Yan, I will come back!Rebirth revenge, but unexpectedly pregnant with the president’s cute baby.Great thing: “Going where?Sit down.”Gu Beichen’s words have always been short and outrageous, but the deterrent force is very strong.Our little white doctor sat down obediently.Leng did not dare to move again.Unexpectedly, he just sat down, but gu Beichen stood up and walked straight toward the south Star.Bai Changxi helplessly looked at Gu Beichen from the south star closer and closer, began to mourn for her in my heart.”Star, you how, how return don’t get off, see a ghost?”Wu Ruoting pulled the south star along while, she still do not want to get off, can not help but some angry.Who knows “ghost” these words just be approached gu Beichen heard.”Oh?What the hell?I’ll show you what a man is scarier than a ghost.”Gu Beichen’s face is more and more ugly, and even has begun to gnash teeth.”Aunt Nan, you are so interested in going shopping with your daughter?”Gu Beichen asked.But the object that he takes a talk unluckily is Wu Ruoting.The South Star could only look at it, let alone run away, and dare not even breathe out.Wu Ruoting saw Gu Beichen at the airport last time, from the south Jianhua to his attitude is not difficult to guess that he is a great character.After all, she has rarely seen nan Jianhua in these years.Own husband all so, as the wife of her nature also dare not offend more.”Yes, so coincidentally, Mr. Gu is also here.”Wu Ruoting remembered the last time he introduced himself with South Jianhua said his surname gu.”Isn’t your daughter studying abroad?Why did you come back so soon?”Gu Beichen pretend unintentionally to lead the topic to the south star.”Oh, the star of the school holiday recently, her father and I miss her very much, she filial piety came back to see us.”Wu Ruoting continued to chat with Gu Beichen.Introduction to the novel: Four years later, they meet again, but it becomes a story of three people.Qin Shen “Mu Zi Qing, be my woman.””Sorry, I have a baby.”Qin Shen “never mind, your baby is my baby.”Mu zi Qing still refused, “No, my baby doesn’t like me to get close to other men.”Dun Dun little baby embrace Qin Shen thigh, shout “father!”Qin Shen satisfied nod “lovely ~” mu ziqing gas gnash teeth.There were seven people sitting at a table, but there was still one empty seat. Mu Ziqing saw a man next to Yin Xu, so she deliberately let Li Duo sit on the other side of Yin Xu. Li Duo gave mu Ziqing a look, saying that she had done a good job!”Ladies first, you order first.”Xia Ziyi pushed the menu to mu Ziqing and Li Flower, mu Ziqing also not welcome, today take a play very toss about physical strength, so early on hungry, and push and shove along while who order, it is better to get some of their own taste to fill the stomach again!”Squid wrapped egg cold dish, stir-fry cornstarch rice, milk soup smoked turtledove, brine turtledove, fried mushroom, fried deer tail son, pot, vegetable spring not old, eight treasure hazelnut sauce, assorted pot.”Mu Ziqing and Li Duo drew the menu. Xia Ziyi drew a few more delicious dishes and waited for them to be served.After a few chat, the dishes were served and filled the table. The waiter withdrew, and the door opened again. All of a sudden, mu Zi Qing poured a glass of wine without noticing it.What the hell is going on here?Why qin sat down beside himself!Mu Ziqing turned her head and looked at Xia Ziyi. Xia Ziyi was looking at the opera with a face. This Xia Ziyi was too unkind!Mu Zi Qing thought to herself.Then with qin sink, a table of people suddenly warming up, MuZiQing just don’t want to talk, listening to the table and the only worthy of her concern is li YanXu how about the progress, they don’t talk at the beginning, then the qin sink a result, two people are whispering that flower a thumbs-up MuZiQing moment in my heart for li, you also fast.Introduction to the novel: One night accident, two identities, entangled, a paper divorce agreement sent her to death.After 5 years, Jian Yu Nuo carries double treasure to return, the man that tendency wants to settle deception douses female affection.”Qin total, DNA identification results, that 2 children are your” sensation throughout the group.After qin da president opened the crematorium mode of chasing his wife.”Mr. Qin, where did you put your hand?””Jian Yu Nuo, we remarry.”Shuangbao: “Daddy roll rough!”Once she got sick in the rain, even if the fever reached 40 degrees, this man never wanted to come back to see her.And now, when it comes to divorce, he can’t even wait to get on a connecting flight to get rid of her?Jian Yu Nuo desperately held back tears, took out the divorce agreement, do not want to his eyes, she was afraid of their reluctant.Let’s get a divorce. I don’t want anything but my parents’ company back.Qin Chu took a look at the crumpled divorce agreement. “How long did you prepare?””This you need not tube, I finally give you freedom, you should thank me, quick sign.””I will return the company to you, and I will transfer some of the assets to you.””I don’t need…””You deserve it, and I won’t lose anything.”His businesslike tone crushed what was left of her, and she closed her eyes. “Okay, I’ll take it.”The divorce agreement was annulled, and Qin chu promised to spend a day dividing up the property and drawing up a new agreement.Jane nuo has no opinion, he agreed to divorce, then all of this is not important.What she cared about, what she gave, what she desperately wanted, it didn’t matter anymore.In exchange, Jian Yu nuo promised qin Chu to participate in the orphanage bazaar in the afternoon, together, and Qin Grandma.In her old age, Grandma Qin has been committed to various public welfare activities and is the president of the charity Association, which has a strong appeal. This charity sale is led by her.Ready to start, Qin grandma called jian Yu Nuo “Feather nuo ah, come and help me tie the scarf.”Jian Feather nuo according to words in the past to help collate, but heard Qin Grandma light said: “Feather nuo ah, grandma to you?””Fine, thanks grandma.”The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.