Appreciate a 500 square meters large flat layer, the internal function is extremely rich

2022-08-06 0 By

Today appreciate a unique 500 square meters big flat layer, the function of this model interior is extremely rich.Especially the activity hall, it is amazing, ordinary people can far view and not obscene play, let us feel specific.Two elevators enter the door double, the north side is exclusive homemaking route, the south side enters the door through double doors, the front is a porch, buy a few beautiful soft decorations, highlight the taste of the home.To the south is the reception room, measuring 42.6 square meters.The sofa that can make surround type is decorated, southward has very good daylighting, ventilated.Southeast corner is domestic hall and dining-room, south to surround the balcony of whole body, view scenery ventilated especially good, kitchen, west kitchen horizontal arrangement, the moving line of distance dining-room is very fluent.There are mahjong room, video room and wine cellar on the north side, and three functional areas are located in the private position of the north side, to meet the noble taste of the host.Laundry room, equipment through the second exit.One step conversion of cleaning zones.The sitting area has three bedrooms.The north guest room has its own bathroom with an open window, as well as a cloakroom.South facing two bedrooms have their own bathrooms, all facing south with Windows.The master bedroom, in particular, is also equipped with a large walk-in cloakroom. On the north side is a private study, which can be used as an independent office for the male host.How do you feel about this apartment?