A banner, a doctor-patient connection, a warm story

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Recently, the first people’s hospital of nansha district child care division received a special gift, children with small wave and bobo mom will personally side embroidered with “noble medical ethics, human worth” pennants into the hands of the doctor zhao xinrui, in order to thank all the staff of “angel heart”, grateful to Dr Zhao xinrui consummate medical skill and care.The flag is silent and deep. It is both an encouragement and a responsibility.In November 2021, cute little Bobo fell ill.Wave mother with small bobo in Guangzhou city three hospitals, but small bobo’s cold, diarrhea is still not improved.It was a tough time for Bo Ma.Through many inquiries, finally under the introduction of acquaintances, wave mother took little bobo came to the First People’s Hospital of Nansha District children’s health care department.Adhering to the “pediatric, great care” work criteria, child care outpatient Doctor Zhao Rui detailed medical history issued a prescription, patiently guide wave mother parenting, carefully tracking follow-up, under the careful treatment of Dr. Zhao, little Bobo finally recovered health.A banner, a story, a true feeling, an affirmation.In September of the same year, the six-month-old Rui Bao lived in Nansha Street repeatedly runny nose and cough for up to two months. Rui Bao mother took Rui Bao to the superior hospital, and the symptoms were still not alleviated.In August 2021, after several consultations, Rui Bao mother with Rui Bao found Dr. Zhao Rui.After a series of consultations, Dr. Zhao suggested Rui Bao to have a test for allergens and lactose intolerance based on clinical experience.The test results were all positive.Dr. Zhao gave corresponding guidance for the cause of Rui Baobao, and regular follow-up, Rui Baobao symptoms improved day by day.Finally, under the joint efforts of both sides, Rui Baby symptoms completely disappear, height and weight growth has reached the ideal state, its neighbors are lamenting Rui Baby is not like a child with allergic constitution.In the hearts of pediatric medical staff, to ensure the safety of children’s life is a responsibility and mission, will go all out!The department of Pediatrics of the First People’s Hospital of Nansha District is divided into general outpatient department, child health outpatient department, inpatient department and neonatal department, with a total of 17 medical staff, including 1 senior senior and 1 deputy senior.The pediatric team has always attached great importance to the cultivation of talents and the improvement of medical technology, and insisted on pushing medical staff to guangzhou Children’s Hospital, Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital and other superior hospitals for further study under the condition of personnel shortage. Meanwhile, it strengthened department management and strictly controlled medical quality.In 2016, the First People’s Hospital of Nansha District took the lead in establishing the child health care Department among the medical institutions in Nansha District.At present, we offer swimming therapy for infants, child development assessment, early childhood development, intelligence test, bone age assessment, height promotion, allergy and lactose intolerance test, etc.In order to better provide services and answer questions for baomums, the children’s insurance has also set up a communication platform for exclusive projects, regularly set up parents’ classes, and publicized more parenting knowledge through network live broadcasting.The Pediatrics department of the First People’s Hospital of Nansha District is committed to serving basic children and caring for children’s health. With great love, we are moving forward with firm and powerful steps.