Shanxi lists key tasks for ecological and environmental protection in 2022

2022-08-05 0 By

Yellow River News (Reporter Hou Jingang) The reporter learned from the 2022 Shanxi Ecological and environmental Protection Work Conference that in 2022, the province’s ecological and environmental protection work will be in accordance with the goal of all-round promotion of high-quality development and work matrix, centering on the construction of the Yellow River Basin ecological protection and high-quality development of an important experimental area,We will focus on providing innovative services for high-quality development, vigorously fighting pollution prevention and control, and improving the quality of ecosystems.Innovative services for high-quality development.The meeting called for consciously integrating ecological and environmental protection work into the overall economic and social development of the province, giving full play to the leading, optimizing and forcing role of ecological and environmental protection, taking multiple measures simultaneously to help smooth economic operation, jointly promoting pollution reduction and carbon reduction, accelerating the development of ecological and environmental protection industries, and orderly promoting green and low-carbon development.We will work hard to prevent and control pollution.We will issue the implementation guidelines for our province to further fight the critical battle against pollution, continue to promote the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution, strengthen the treatment of solid waste and new pollutants, and fight the battle to protect our blue sky, clear water and clean land with higher standards, and strive to solve prominent ecological and environmental problems.We will strive to improve the quality of ecosystems.We will plan and implement a number of major projects to comprehensively improve the ecological environment of regions and river basins, with the focus on the “two mountains, seven rivers and one river basin”.We will strengthen supervision of ecological protection and biodiversity protection, continue to strengthen supervision of the “Green Shield” nature reserve, vigorously promote the establishment of ecological civilization demonstration zones and the “Two Mountains” practice and innovation bases, and build a solid biosafety barrier.We will strengthen supervision, law enforcement and risk prevention of ecological and environmental protection.We will continue to make good efforts to rectify problems such as central environmental protection inspections and warning screens for the ecological environment in the Yellow River Basin, and coordinate routine and special provincial environmental protection inspections and regular on-site inspections.We launched a special campaign to cut down pollution with a sharp sword, deepened inspections of law enforcement across different places, and effectively strengthened oversight and guarantee law enforcement.We will step up inspections and remediation of nuclear and radiation safety hazards, strengthen environmental emergency guard, and ensure the bottom line of environmental safety.We will strive to improve modern environmental governance.We need to improve the system of laws and policies, continue to deepen the reform of the system of ecological and environmental compensation and damage compensation, study and explore a system for calculating the gross economic and ecological product, and strengthen the application of accounting results.We will continue to improve ecological and environmental monitoring networks and enhance monitoring and early warning capabilities.Strengthen the publicity of ecological and environmental protection, build the characteristic brand of ecological and environmental publicity in our province, and create a good atmosphere for the construction of beautiful Shanxi.