Shanghai No. 4 Hospital launched the information management system in 6 hours, saving precious time for patients and medical staff

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On March 31, Shanghai No. 4 People’s Hospital affiliated to Tongji University received an emergency call from the Health Commission of Hongkou District, requiring it to take over the centralized isolation hospital in Changzhong Road of Hongkou District within 72 hours.Hongkou District Changzhong Road centralized isolation and treatment site.This image of Shanghai fourth people’s hospital affiliated tongji university for the hospital information management department zhi-yong wang said, that night after receiving task organization research demonstration, found that whether the use of hospital information system, the existing or traditional application of hospital information system, can well meet the requirement at this stage, to the medical staff to bring more workload.Therefore, the information management team of the hospital quickly launched a simple, efficient and practical information management system within 6 hours, which greatly improved the management efficiency of the isolation point.Application of information management system in centralized isolation places.Wang Zhiyong introduced that the system can not only improve the efficiency of registration and operation, but also orderly manage patients at the point to ensure efficient and timely data statistics.First of all, the system can quickly collect the information of the entry point personnel by reading the ID card, record the entry point time, and print the wristband immediately after the bed number is assigned to guide the entry point personnel into the nursing station.It used to take 5-10 minutes to register one patient manually, but after the improvement, it only takes 1-2 minutes, which speeds up the work efficiency of the entry point and avoids the clustering of patients.Secondly, the system will automatically highlight the patients whose entry time is less than 30 minutes, which is convenient for the medical staff to arrange health education and daily necessities for the new patients in a timely and orderly manner.The system can record the patient’s vital signs, condition changes and other information.In addition, the system can also record the transfer time by scanning the wristband, and automatically generate, summarize and export the transfer order, saving the precious time of the staff.Finally, the system can sort, screen and export according to time, age, bed number and other conditions to help staff accurately grasp the situation of people at the point and timely report data to the superior.System page.According to the hospital, at present, there are a total of six batches of 104 team members in the centralized isolation treatment site.Zhang Yihui, head of the medical team at the hospital, said, “The system effectively helps orderly management of patients and avoids chaos.At the same time, medical staff can arrange their work in a scientific and orderly way, thus winning more precious rest time.”Photo Editor: Shi Jiahui Proofread: Luan Meng