Peugeot 508L plain car strength can be more exciting than modification

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An interesting sentence can summarize the mentality of Chinese people’s demand for vehicle functions and performance when buying a car, that is, “I can not use it, but you must have it”.That means the need for a car to meet both known and common scenarios, and rare, or even unknown, scenarios.After all, the traffic laws don’t forbid SUVs off the track or cars from digging in the dirt.In the case of daily travel scenarios being met, the potential, unexplored or only felt under extreme circumstances can often reflect the quality of a car.Here, some students will think of a car brand, that is Peugeot.When it comes to this brand, apart from the French style that comes to mind unconsciously, the rest must be the driving control and the track.Peugeot is a car brand with 120 years of track DNA, whether it is Le Mans or Dakar, racing on numerous tracks.Peugeot models, more all used racing manufacturing concept and technology.This explains why Peugeot has always been a surprise hit, generating a following.Last year, for example, Peugeot 2008 topped the J21 Moose test with a 75.9km/h, beating the BMW M4.In the same year, Dongfeng Peugeot 508L also won the car group comprehensive champion of the 2021 CCPC China Automobile Ice & Snow Challenge.Not long ago, it became the Z-speed B class at Shanghai Tianma Circuit in 1 minute and 22 seconds.Building a car for everyday use is Peugeot’s interpretation of “you don’t have to use it, but I’ll give it to you.”Today, with the increasing upgrading and diversification of automobile consumption demand, the simple speed and driving control performance can no longer meet the expectations of some consumers for “performance redundancy”.Now, many young people lock their eyes on vehicle modification.When it comes to modifications, the Peugeot 508L is again ahead of its users.Dongfeng Peugeot will excavate the Peugeot 508L refit J limit through the “30 days J limit refit” to complete the performance of driving control on the advanced stage.After modification Peugeot 508L will drive on the track to challenge the supercar L force 488.The current modification is under way, but also attracted a lot of spectators, are very looking forward to the car modified car Z final product.The high strength of the body makes it possible for J to be lightweight. I believe people pay more attention to the quality and performance potential of the original car during the modification process than to what kind of “Peugeot 508L” can be created by The transformation plan of Dingfeng.First, the Peugeot 508L’s ultra-high body strength.Generally speaking, the more the vehicle explosion, the more the body of the structural strength of the higher requirements.Peugeot 508L can participate in the feng dian modification plan, the first is super body strength.Peugeot 508L body high strength steel use accounted for more than 70%.In the car body Z important rail, A/B pillar, seat beam, door anti-collision beam and other parts, the use of 1500MPa high strength thermoforming steel.The steel is strong enough to withstand the weight of two full-grown elephants, while the U.S. guided-missile destroyer is only 550MPa strong.In addition, part of the body also uses aluminum alloy material, the utilization rate of the whole car galvanized plate is higher than 88%.In addition to the iron and copper walls, the steel frame of the body also adopts a cage structure similar to that of a space capsule to ensure impact in different directions.Another benefit of the extra strength is that it makes it possible to be even more lightweight.The Peugeot 508L would not have been possible if it had not used so much high-strength thermoforming steel.Secondly, in the process of modification, we can also find Peugeot 508L conscience material, which can be seen in the demolition of the original car.Peugeot 508 l adopted systematic and comprehensive system of the green material design, present application in the large area of environmental protection material, such as instrument panel, door guard, USES the import environmental protection plastic skin materials, leather material all adopt the environmental protection water-based finish, and in the production process without harmful gas emissions, do the green, environmental protection, in line with international on Z stringent environmental regulations.VOC (benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances) content in Peugeot 508L is extremely low. The addition of PM2.5 high-efficiency activated carbon and Clean Cabin air purification system ensures the long-term health of air quality in the Cabin.In terms of noise reduction, Peugeot 508L cabin also uses a large number of high-performance sound-absorbing materials and noise reduction design, such as 1.31㎡ high quality sound insulation cotton, double-layer sound insulation glass in the front row, 24 pieces of sealed expansion sheet, so that noise can be effectively filtered and obstructed.It is said that Peugeot 508L vehicle sound insulation measures as many as 111, such as the picture of a large area of sound insulation cotton processing.Peugeot’s adherence to quality can be seen.The five-link independent rear suspension gives the sport a higher J-limit on the chassis suspension associated with the drive control modification Z, and the Peugeot 508L is equally gifted.The Peugeot 508L has more room for modification because of its five-link independent rear suspension.To know, the general B class car for the consideration of cost, the use of three link, four link rear suspension.The Peugeot 508L, with its five-link independent rear suspension, is mechanically superior.The five-link independent rear suspension can realize the freedom control of the wheel in six directions, in short, to provide better performance of the wheel to the ground, so as to maximize the use of tire grip, bring better control performance, not only comfortable to drive, but also more sports.Peugeot’s 508L rear suspension also uses a special all-aluminum rear axle design, which is not only stronger, but also more direct weight reduction of 15.1kg.As you can see in the picture, the shock absorber is tilted directly towards the tower point.The structure is similar to the push-rod type shock absorbers often used in sports cars, ensuring the vehicle can drive in curves and provide better support for intense driving.In addition, anti-roll bars are also used in the rear suspension, which can also ensure the vehicle’s roll attitude under intense driving conditions.It can be said that the five-link rear independent suspension can not only make the simple vehicle 508L have a more powerful driving control J limit, but also reserve more space for the later modification.In addition, Peugeot 508L also has the only AMVAR variable independent suspension at the same level, which can adjust the damping of the shock absorber to meet the requirements of handling and comfort under different road conditions.The braking performance of Peugeot 508L plain car is matched with the braking system of 330mm diameter super-large front brake disc and all-ceramic brake pad, which has good thermal attenuation performance and ensures the braking reliability of fierce driving.In addition to the hardware strength of the core, Peugeot 508L also has an innate advantage that cannot be achieved by conventional modification, that is, the experience accumulated in the century-old track gene, which can not be copied by other brands.Based on a hundred years of competition, thousands of big data accumulation, and several years of chassis stability verification, Peugeot has created the CLDR masterclass chassis adjustment.Peugeot 508L has gone through 6 rounds of complete chassis adjustment and 4 fine tuning optimization before mass production, which is almost the best chassis adjustment level of Z.At this point, no simple modification can be achieved.In the process of modification, we can see that Peugeot 508L provides a racing steering wheel, five-link independent rear suspension, AMVAR variable independent suspension, oversized ceramic brake block, high strength body and other configuration that a common B-class car can only get after modification.And these, a Peugeot 508L vegetable car is equipped for you.In general, The transformation plan of Dingfeng enables more people to have a deeper understanding of Peugeot 508L, including century-old driving control gene, huge modification potential and superior driving control configuration. Peugeot 508L is really a good car born for driving control.It has to be said that the PK with Farl 488 is also more and more worth looking forward to.Dongfeng Peugeot Dongguan new standard shop welcome you and your family to visit, Dongfeng Peugeot’s car models 408, 508L and SUV models 4008, 5008 and other models can test drive!