On the first day of school, the bus warden has been on duty at the school gate for the fifth year

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Caption: south bus on a branch on the first day of school bus administrator to mount guard source: interviewed for figure xinmin evening news (reporter yuan luo water) is the first day of the new semester began yesterday, three central primary school, Lin LingZhao elementary school, radically primary school at the school gate, and a little more south bus on bus administrator – they come from a branch.This is the fifth year they have been on duty at the school gate on the first day of term to ensure pupils get to school safely.Sanlin Central primary school, Lingzhao primary school, Qingyuan primary school and other schools are relatively close to each other.With the beginning of the new semester, the nearby Sanlin Road, Ling Zhao Road and other road flow, traffic increased significantly.During the school peak, the flow of students at the school gate is endless.In order to prevent accidents, yesterday morning, the south of the bus a branch of the administrator once again came to the school gate, the scene command vehicle operation.It is understood that considering the corresponding section of the situation is more complex, nearly five years of the annual school, the south of the bus branch in addition to special requirements for driver safety, standard operation, also arranged the administrator to the school gate post, site command vehicle safety passage, to ensure the safety of students into the school.