Luoyang today from the beginning of spring and Ming again to meet snow

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Thursday marks the fourth day of the first lunar month, the start of spring, which officially begins a new cycle of the 24 solar terms.Start of Spring is “the first solar term, the beginning of the four seasons”.At this time, the earth began to thaw, insects gradually wake up, fish floating in the ice did not melt under the ice swimming, this is what we say the start of spring three hou: one hou “dongfeng thaw”, two hou “insects began to vibrate”, three hou “fish ice”.Since then, “snow wind from the soft, plum blossom let wicker new.”A year’s plan begins in spring.Our ancestors attached great importance to the beginning of Spring, and had always regarded it as a festival. Many cultural activities were also derived and passed down. Important worship to god, praying for good fortune, welcoming spring, and farming celebrations would be arranged on this day.In ancient times, the day before the start of Spring, the emperor would lead civil and military officials to the suburbs to welcome spring, and the folk would perform spring, welcome spring, herald spring, strike spring, bite spring and other activities.In the Eastern Han Dynasty, an altar was erected at the east gate of Luoyang city with a “earth ox” on it, and the ceremony of sending cold, welcoming spring and heralding farming was held.After the ceremony, the spring ox is beaten with colorful sticks, which is called “Striking spring”.Now the start of Spring in Luoyang folk commonly known as “Spring”, hence.In the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, some people went to Luoyang city to watch the “spring ox beating” ceremony. On the scene, a “spring ox” made of bamboo straw tied into a skeleton, covered with colored paper and filled with nuts and peanuts was placed. People called the official presiding over the ceremony “Spring official”.On the day of the start of Spring in rural areas, both adults and children still have to chew a few radishes, commonly known as “biting spring”.Start of Spring is just an astronomical concept. It is the prelude to spring, when cold air is still active in the north and the temperature is not stable.In most parts of the country, this time, the prelude to spring has not really opened, there will be “snow is too late spring, so wear court trees for flying flowers” scene.Here comes the snow again!The reporter learned from the Luoyang Meteorological Bureau that in the coming week, luoyang is expected to have more clouds, 6 days or so by the southwest airflow in front of the upper trough and cold air on the ground together, there will be a strong snow weather process.The specific forecast is as follows: 4th (the fourth day) : sunny to cloudy, temperature -3℃ ~ 8℃.5th (5th Day) : cloudy to overcast, light snow in some areas at night, temperature -3℃ ~ 5℃.6th (6th day) : Cloudy day with light to moderate snow, heavy snow in some areas, temperature -2℃ ~ 2℃.7th (7th day) : scattered light snow stops to turn cloudy day, temperature -2℃ ~ 3℃.8th (8th day) : cloudy to overcast, light snow or scattered snow in some areas, temperature -4℃ ~ 6℃.9th (9th Day) : cloudy to sunny, temperature -3℃ ~ 8℃.10th (10th) : sunny to cloudy, cloudy to overcast at night with sleet or light snow, temperature -3℃ ~ 9℃.(Luo Baorong Media · Luoyang network reporter Niu Pengyuan correspondent Guo Mingbo)