Tough!The Russian side sent a letter to the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee: figure skating teams must award MEDALS and are not allowed to modify the results

2022-08-03 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympics have come to an end, and the final event of figure skating, the pairs free skating, will be held on The evening of February 19, Beijing time.The champions of team, men’s singles, ice dance and women’s singles had already been decided, but the award ceremony of team competition was delayed.The International Olympic Committee said this was due to valieva’s positive doping test, which led to the decision to cancel the medal ceremony in the event.In order to appease the U.S. and Japan, which finished second and third, the IOC president personally communicated with the U.S. and Japan to win their approval.And both the American and Japanese teams received the Olympic torch, a gift from the International Olympic Committee.The Russian Olympic team, which won the gold medal, received nothing!For the practice of the international Olympic committee (ioc), the Russian Olympic committee chairman potts DE Virginia public statement, and potts, Krakow, California, said the Russian Olympic committee has sent a letter to the international HuaLian, expounds the attitude of the Russian again: figure skating team the result of the match, in all cases cannot be modified, no matter what is the final results!Not only that, Pozdnyakov also refuted the basis that the medal ceremony was cancelled because of Valieva’s positive, saying that the results of the team competition would only be reviewed in cases of anti-doping violations during the Olympics.Valieva’s positive sample was taken on December 25 at the All-Russia championships.Pozdnyakov was tough. “We will defend our position against all possible lawsuits, including the Court of Arbitration for Sport, if necessary.”Russian Sports Minister Oleg Magychin said Russia had written to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) requesting a medal ceremony for the figure skating team before the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics: “It is necessary and necessary to hold the medal ceremony before the details of the case are determined and there is no conviction.”There has been no public response from the IOC to the Russian request.