How did Qu Ying age 50?And sunburnt and tanned and loose and rough

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With the needs of aesthetic diversification, basic design items have long been unable to meet the needs of the modern trend. After incorporating the aesthetic concept of the new style, traditional items limited by style have also opened the way of fashion reverse attack.As the most representative of the item minus age, suspenders have been style positioning is the reduction of age lovely windy, but the collocation of different methods and design details are get it coruscate gives the unique fashion charm, qu ying this is using the suspenders played a ripe female, hollow inside build and cultivate one’s morality version to design, make full use of the line feeling expression mature charm,Completely break the limitation of traditional style.Qu Ying, 50 years old, has not been seen for a long time in shooting large films. Her style still retains the advanced color of supermodel wind, but the aesthetic concept of European and American wind makes her more and more preference for bodybuilding style. Her tan skin directly exposes the new height of bodybuilding wind, just turning herself into a black man.However, Qu Ying’s skin color itself is dark, which is not the key to break the beauty, mainly separated from the limitations of retouching the real skin, exposing the full sense of relaxation and roughness of age, the American popular naked makeup makes her particularly gaunt, body recovery also failed to really hold up as amazing as the beauty in those days.In today’s aesthetic trend, suspenders are still the representative of age-reducing single products, and the tannin element is also the most representative material, which is usually used for folding.But continues the suspenders to a classic type design sheet is tasted, but get rid of the bondage of the fold wear and material, leather material with more individual character color, and the most conflicting or hollow collocation, completely broke the present age reduction effect, large areas of the skin effect directly laid a ripe age style positioning, a comprehensive change styles, directly bring a strong visual impact.Highlight the curve, strengthen the style to present an excellent modeling effect, it is necessary to highlight the style theme positioning, this body modeling is mainly to seek to break the traditional personality effect release, so the opposite sexy style to show the modern effect of suspenders, and the application of other elements, also around this theme.Besides the dew skin element that has visual wallop to support so, emphasized curve effect especially again.The upper body of self-cultivation will show the successful curve of thin body, and the sense of bodybuilding will be released completely. The superposition of unified elements makes the theme positioning of style more distinctive and distinctive.Qu Ying’s other looks:Black dress contracted senior black dress as a classic item, upper body rate is extremely high, neutral colors and contracted style designs, to ensure the quality, but also easy to appear too light, so that the body modelling continued the theme of hot wind, large areas of the skin effect combined with compact close-fitting version to outline, thoroughly get rid of the boring feeling, also greatly increase the harness is difficult.The straps show off the slimming effect, but the peep-toe outfit is a bit clunky and retro in a ’90s twist.Skirt with shoulder-straps, languid is lazy feeling stressed atmosphere skirt with shoulder-straps style, with large area skin, easy to present the neck line, in general, for the use of elements of the skin, need combined with figure to choose, condole belt width to use, directly affecting the shoulder line ratio, width to highlight the effect of cultivate one’s morality can be regulated from the tape.This thin sling fully shows the perfect shoulder and neck line, and the pose expressive force, also with lazy feeling into it, fully emphasizes the sense of atmosphere in the picture, the expressive force of professional models all show.Naked navel-exposed skin + profile, emphasizing the effect of self-cultivation this time most of the modelling choice, have a strong naked skin effect, popular for many years of naked navel-fitting modelling, this year’s heat is still very high, this body naked navel-fitting is also very good to show the effect of self-cultivation.In addition to the skin effect on the waist line to improve the effect, the high waist and wide leg pants also use the profile to emphasize the line harmony, showing the advantages of high proportion.For the single product with strong wrapping, it mainly emphasizes the use of silhouette, and the sense of shape is very strong, but the difficulty of control is relatively low, and it fails to show the advantages of Qu Ying’s body now.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.