Guizhou Weng ‘an Tianyi Mining Co., LTD. : Party construction leads and boosts enterprise innovation and development

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The author:Lu Hongqing, zhang xue, mining co., LTD (weng ‘an days) in recent years, weng ‘an county in guizhou tianyi mining co., LTD adhere to xi jinping, new era thoughts as the instruction, socialism with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly adhere to the leadership of the party, strengthen party construction, carry out the new development concept, promote the party construction with production and business operation depth fusion, the party’s advantage into competitive advantage,With high quality party building to do better and bigger enterprises to provide fundamental motivation and strong guarantee.We will strengthen the guidance of Party building and improve corporate governance mechanisms.The party branch of the company thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions and the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, and drew strength from the party’s century-long struggle.Adhere to the guidance of Party building, write the general requirements of Party building into the articles of association of the company, integrate the leadership of the Party into every link of corporate governance, embed the construction of party branch into the corporate governance structure;We should adhere to and improve the leadership system of “two-way access and cross-appointment”, and ensure that qualified members of party branch committees are appointed to the boards of directors, boards of supervisors, and managers through legal procedures, and that qualified Party members of the boards of directors, boards of supervisors, and managers are appointed to Party branch committees in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures.We will strictly implement the decision-making system of “three major issues, one major issue,” and make it clear that Party organizations are responsible for making decisions on major issues.It is clear that research and discussion is the pre-procedure for the board of directors and managers to make decisions on major issues.We will establish and improve the responsibility system for Party building, concentrate on party building, and ensure that we are responsible, responsible, and conscientious in our work.Strengthen “three basic construction”, raise the level of party building work.According to the post responsibilities and professional expertise of party members, each party member shall be assigned posts and responsibilities, and give full play to the backbone role of party members in the development of the enterprise.We should give full play to the role of Party building and mass organizations, fulfill the work of “Party building and mass organizations promoting Party building”, give full play to the role of labor unions, communist Youth League and other mass organizations as Bridges and links, actively do a good job of connecting with workers and the masses, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, and let employees truly feel the care of the organization.We actively carried out 13 sessions of training in various forms, such as party affairs and professional skills training, with 525 participants, effectively improving the comprehensive quality and professional ability of Party members, cadres and staff.During the period of the epidemic, the PARTY Branch took the lead in implementing the relevant control measures of “preventing imported cases from abroad and preventing the spread of the epidemic at home”, and formed vanguard teams of Party members to go to the front line of epidemic prevention and control to make all-out efforts to build a safe line of epidemic prevention and control.We will strengthen scientific and technological innovation and promote green development of enterprises.Full implementation of the party central committee and the State Council about to do a good job of carbon of peak carbon neutral, “difference” green low carbon development and enterprises of “carbon was at peak, carbon neutral,” planning, complete and accurate comprehensive implementation of new development concept, promote green construction, green investment, adhere to the “safety, environmental protection, green, intelligent automation, informationization,” the concept of sustainable development,Grasp the strategic opportunity of development of phosphorous chemical industry cluster and location advantages, based on the rich resources of phosphate rock, with efficient large-scale trackless mining technique and half water wet process phosphoric acid and other new technology as the support, by the high quality of yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, high purity powder P2O5 as leading products, comprehensive recovery of iodine, fluorine resources, development of high-end fine phosphorus chemical industry,It is committed to building a domestic first-class “integrated mineralization” new phosphorus chemical circular economy industrial park, realizing the maximum benefit of comprehensive utilization and recycling utilization of resources, making efforts from the enterprise brand building, green “smart” manufacturing, promoting “double carbon” work, protecting the ecological environment and other aspects, practicing high-quality development and creating a first-class enterprise.Source: Party construction network