A 4,700-ton landing ship sank after a Ukrainian ballistic missile raid knocked out a Russian ammunition storage site

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Berjansk, a port city on the northern shore of the Sea of Azov, was captured by Russian Marines of the Black Sea Fleet and became a forward supply base for the attack on Mariupol.The Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet’s tank landing ships are actually being used as transports, not only to transport fighters from Crimea, but also to transport fuel, ammunition, 152/203mm shells, 122mm rockets, and other supplies such as food.On March 24, the Ukrainian army used polka Dot tactical ballistic missiles to strike the port of Berjansk, causing the explosion and sinking of a 4,000-ton tank landing ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.Of course, there are also other information on the Internet, the type 1171 “Crocodile” class tank landing ship, was set on fire inside the ship, ammunition exploded and eventually sank.Whether the Ukrainian army used the “Dot” -U tactical ballistic missile or accidentally ignited a fire, the explosion and sinking of this 4,000-ton tank landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet has basically been confirmed. There are photos of the suspected explosion on the Internet, which is highly likely to be true.For the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, which is relatively weak in strength, a tank landing ship with a full load of 4700 tons of displacement burst into flames and finally sank into the Sea of Azov. This loss is actually a very heavy blow to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian navy, which can be said to add insult to injury.In this paper, the author prefers and Ukrainian military launched the “dot” -u tactical ballistic missiles, hit the Russian set at don’t Jiang Sike port of ammunition, and the gap on a large scale, led to the Russian navy black sea fleet in the more than 4000 tons of Vietnam is impaired, the ship burst into flames, crews have been carried out for damage control operation, even if aProbably couldn’t stop it from sinking in the flames.Don’t Jiang Sike port, with Russian munitions container, became a staging area, ammunition and fuel the Vietnam should be to transport ammunition, the Mali near the poll to be completed, has entered the stage of cruel street fighting, be badly in need of large diameter to 155 mm, 203 mm shells, used for building of “azov camp” defensive “wall”.In the Syrian battlefield, the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet likes to use the Type 1171 landing ship to transport combat equipment and guns and ammunition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, the Russian naval base in Syria tartus port.In the Russia-Ukraine war, it is speculated that the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy used this type of tank landing ship to transport fuel, guns, shells and other combat materials easily. It may be due to the Negligence of the Russian army, it was attacked by Ukrainian missiles, and a type 1171 tank landing ship burned and exploded and sank.Now, the Ukrainian military has announced the sinking of a Large Russian Navy Landing ship, Type 1171, and released video of it.The Russians lost one ship out of four and lost a quarter of their tank landing ships.In the war between Russia and Ukraine, although the Russian military claimed to have destroyed the Ukrainian air force and air defense forces and gained the control of the air over Ukraine, the Use of Ukrainian drones was very good. Combined with the “Star Link” technology, they closely followed the movements of Russian troops on the ground and searched for valuable targets.A Russian ammunition container at Berjansk, presumably detected by a Ukrainian drone, fired a Polka-Dot U tactical ballistic missile, destroying the Russian ammunition storage point and sinking the Type 1171 tank landing ship.