The Three Kingdoms kill: god Sun Ce haven’t arrogance was studied thoroughly, debut namely peak, downhill all the time!

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To experience, to meet!Today is another energetic day, go chase your love xinghai!Hello everyone, I am durian. Welcome to this episode of durian says Three Kingdoms!Recently durian’s small fans are very enthusiastic reaction, recently was god Sun Ce beat too hard, durian now help you out of a deal with God Sun Ce article, god Sun Ce meet don’t panic, reasonable use of skills mechanism can beat him, the following will follow durian together to see.Before the beginning of the article, the strength of god Sun Ce must be confirmed, he is really fierce, is the underworld level, although only a little physical strength, but lock skills to ensure his defense ability, if there are teammates, it is very powerful.God Sun Ce is really fierce, but the main restriction of God Sun Ce point has three: the first is super sarcasm, the second is the number of hand cards, the third physical loss, the following durian a detailed.First is high, can you now see it, if you dare to use god sun ce in the eight, so don’t say, must have been the focus of the whole, who all don’t want to be for no reason to deduct the physical limit, it is simply a nightmare for three blood military commanders, if there is a week starts on the field, so just don’t play, boring.Talk about defense and survival when you can’t keep out of the turn.Because god Sun Ce must be the focus of the public, beat him to finish.Sun Ce, the god of war, was too poor to survive.The second point is the hand, to know that God Sun Ce can be prevented after injury, this is mandatory, but if he has no hand cards, there is no direct way to start skills, but it is a blood without defense of the small white board.SP Diao Cicada achieved this point incisively and vividly.The third point is the loss of physical strength. Although Shensun Ce can prevent damage, there is no way to prevent the loss of physical strength. Therefore, those generals who can cause the loss of physical strength are the natural enemies of Shensun Ce.In addition, God Zhou Yu and Zhuge Ke are the bane of benben.So when we face god sun Ce how should do?If in the army battle field calculate, the sheol wu general so many, also not bad god Sun Ce 1, if can get him, directly beat the end of the matter.If it is in doudizhu, his positioning and white horse, as a farmer to brush more peaches on the line, protect teammates, the rest to luck.I am durian, love games, love you more!Do you know who is god sun Ce’s Nemesis?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!PS: Thank you for reading ~~ the original is not easy, just by hand, if you like, click on it