Passengers make “orange dandun” on Jinan trolley

2022-08-02 0 By

February 15th night, jinan bus held a dang dang car alarm yuanxiao theme activity, the body of restoring ancient ways, exquisite interiors, plus wind car full of the republic of China, luxuriant and romantic, this activity to subscribe the quanzhou city people not only can watch the amazing light show, in dang dang car food, guess lantern riddles, handmade lanterns and tiger “orange mound mound,”Let everyone experience a special Lantern Festival.During the drive, tourists can enjoy many scenic spots in Jinan, such as Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, Baihuazhou, Quancheng Square, etc., and enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Quancheng.The night is deep, dang dang car via Quancheng Road, ten east road.Unreal lantern light, bright lights, very lively, car tourists in the charming lights between indulge in the joy of the Lantern Festival atmosphere.Uninterrupted in addition to beautiful scenery, the car all kinds of activities, first of all the activities of the beginning of the fifteenth day of the first guess lantern riddles, small lantern riddle attracts the attention of the size of tourists, scrambling to adults, quizzes, enthusiastically showed great enthusiasm, the children also expect, serious thinking and answer enthusiastically, the whole event filled with thick festal atmosphere, very busy.Visitors who answer correctly will also receive a beautiful gift.After the lantern riddle and do manual activities, during the Winter Olympics, “ice pier pier” a “pier” is hard to find, can not buy their own to do a car launched the use of sugar orange to do “orange pier pier” activities, we actively participate in, dexterous steps to do a “orange pier pier”.After a wonderful activity, there are jinan public transport culture tour network red staff for everyone to sing, sing wonderful songs.When people stop to take photos of the trolley, several friends taste delicious food and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the trolley, it is very uncomfortable.In the New Year, I hope more citizens can feel the beauty of Jinan through the trolley cars, and let the trolley cars add a flowing color to the great Beauty of Jinan.Source: Jinan Daily