Lusong operation “door to door inoculation” to build a solid epidemic prevention wall

2022-08-02 0 By

Rednet moment January 27 – (Correspondent Zhang Bo Liao Ying) In order to speed up the vaccination work, to build a comprehensive COVID-19 health defense, January 27, Lusong District Dongjia 塅 street community health service center of aviation City park,Enterprises such as Zhuzhou Huarui Precision Tools Co., LTD., AVIC Zhuzhou Aviation Parts Manufacturing Co., LTD., Southern New Materials Co., LTD., And Huaqing Machinery co., Ltd. carry out special activities of “doorto door inoculation” to provide convenient inoculation services for employees in the park.”Please prepare your ID card, health code, travel code, line up, one by one to vaccinate…”At the vaccination site, the recipients lined up in an orderly manner, from temperature measurement at the entrance to verification of vaccination taboos, information registration and informed consent signing in the registration area.The medical staff in charge of vaccination strictly implement the vaccination system of “three checks, seven checks and one verification”, and employees in the park can return to work after observing for 30 minutes without any abnormalities.In addition, the temporary vaccination sites are equipped with emergency doctors and other professionals, as well as first-aid equipment and medicines to ensure the safety of vaccination.More than 200 shots were given during the “door-to-door vaccination” campaign.In the next step, dongjia 塅 Community Health Service Center will rely on the gathering advantages of key enterprises such as “one factory and one hospital” to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, continue to promote vaccination work, achieve full access to COVID-19 vaccines, build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control, and continue to make efforts to promote the construction of a healthy Lusong.