January New Power list: Xiaopeng won the title again, and Nezha surpassed Nexa to rank third

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The year of tiger 2022 has just arrived, and the new forces of car making are full of power!In January 2022, Xiaopeng automobile delivered 12,922 units and won the champion again. It has been the champion of the New Power list for four consecutive months.Ideal won the second place with the delivery quantity exceeding 12,000 units, while Nezha overtook NiO and won the third place with the delivery quantity exceeding 11,000 units.Nextev’s deliveries in January did not exceed 10,000 units, falling to the fourth place in the list. The deliveries of Zero-run cars in January exceeded 8,000 units, which is closer to the monthly sales of 10,000 units, ranking the fifth.Vima, which has yet to report its deliveries, would rank sixth, if nothing goes wrong, while Krypton, which delivered 3,530 units in January, ranks seventh.In addition, GAC Eon was also the first to report January sales of 1,6,031 units, up 118% year on year, but did not release sales figures for subdivided models.Gac AION LX PLUS was launched in January this year. With its addition, GAC AION’s product matrix has been further enriched, covering small cars, compact cars, medium-sized SUVs and other market segments.From the month-on-month point of view, only Nezha automobile and Zero-Run Automobile showed positive month-on-month growth, while Xiaopeng Automobile and Ideal Automobile showed double-digit negative growth, NIO Automobile decreased by 8% month-on-month, and Krypton Automobile decreased by 7% month-on-month.To be specific, Xiaopeng, which ranked first, delivered 12,922 units in January, up 115% year-on-year, breaking 10,000 units for five consecutive months.In terms of single models delivered, 6,707 xiaopeng P7, 4,029 Xiaopeng P5 and 2,186 Xiaopeng G3 series were delivered.By the end of January 2022, the cumulative historical delivery of Xiaopeng P7 has exceeded 80,000 units, and the cumulative historical delivery of Xiaopeng automobile has exceeded 150,000 units.Based on the continuous increase of in-hand orders and annual growth expectations, Xiaopeng Automobile will carry out technical transformation of Xiaopeng Zhaoqing Base from the end of January to the end of February 2022 during the Spring Festival suspension period.Upon completion of the renovation, delivery of a large number of in-hand orders into 2022 is expected to accelerate.At the same time, in order to support the expanding user scale and solve the pain points of users, Xiaopeng automobile will continue to accelerate the layout of charging network construction.As of January 17, 2022, Xiaopeng Automobile has accumulated 813 online brand overcharging stations and 166 destination charging stations, covering all 333 prefecty-level administrative units and 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government.Ideal Motors delivered 12,268 Ideal Ones in January 2022, up 128.1% from January 2021.Since delivery, the Cumulative number of Ideal ONE deliveries has reached 136,356.”So far, more than 70,000 users have enjoyed a safer and more convenient driving experience with Ideal’s full-stack NOA navigation assistance feature,” said Shen Yanan, co-founder and president of Ideal.In 2022, Ideal Will continue to invest in research and development to provide users with safer, more convenient and more comfortable products and services.”As of January 31, 2022, Ideal Automobile has 220 retail centers covering 105 cities in China;There are 276 after-sale maintenance centers and authorized stamping injection centers, covering 204 cities.Nezha delivered 11,009 cars in January, up 402% year on year and 8.7% month on month, with the number of deliveries exceeding 10,000 for three consecutive months.In 2021, Nezha Launches two models, NEzha U Pro and Nezha V Pro.In 2022, Nezha Will focus on creating the first model of The Shanhai Platform, Nezha S, which will help Nezha to hit the first and second tier markets.In January 2022, NiO delivered 9,652 new cars, up 33.6% year on year.ES8(1,531), ES6(5,247) and EC6(2,874) were among them.By the end of January 2022, NIO has delivered a total of 176,722 vehicles.By January 31, 2022, NIO has built a total of 836 electrical changing stations, 668 supercharging stations, 3,766 supercharging piles, 42 NIO centers, 367 NiO Space, 55 NiO service centers and 180 authorized service centers in China.Ma Lin, Senior director of Corporate Communications and Public relations director of NiO, said, “2022 is an important year for NiO: the delivery of three new NT2.0 models, intelligent cockpit upgrade of existing models, NAD autonomous driving application, and delivery of 150-degree solid state batteries;The second production base in Hefei Xinqiao was put into operation.In four European countries, following Norway…There are big challenges, but we believe that the growth of the capacity of the company system can achieve our goals.”Zero-run vehicles delivered 8,085 units in January, up 434% year on year and 3.6% month on month, realizing the delivery volume of more than 200% year on year growth in consecutive 10 months.According to the company’s 2.0 development strategy and goals for the next five years, it will launch eight new models by the end of 2025 and enter the overseas market in October 2022.To this end, Zero Run Car will release four new models in 2022, including C01 pure electric sedan, C11 four-wheel drive performance version, C11 extended range version, T03 modified & export version and other models.In January 2022, a total of 3,530 units of ZEEKR 001 were delivered, down 7% month-on-month.Since the beginning of the Krypton delivery season, the total delivery of Krypton 9,537 units in 100 days.In January, Gekrypton added nine offline stores, including four space stores, four pop-up stores and one delivery center.Krypton self-built charging stations have been put online in Hefei, Nanjing, Foshan and Kaesong, Changzhou.So far, self-built charging stations have been put online in 19 cities across China, and more are being built at the same time.The charging map continues to be connected to mainstream operators across China, and the third-party charging network has covered nearly 300,000 charging terminals in 326 cities across China.The soliciting exercise for site selection of self-built charging stations under The Second phase of the Electrifying Power Project has been officially launched.