Into the business district, into the supermarket, “little brother come” zero distance

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, in guanghua District, Wanda Business District, Lawson Supermarket and other areas with a large volume of express delivery, the young deliverymen who had just finished their work at the morning market walked into the nearby Service center of the Party and the Masses. They were not only given a comfortable and warm rest environment, but also presented with a red gift bag to welcome the New Year.This is xu bridge town and committee of minhang district party committee, wanda, Lawson, road tiger subsidy organized an activity to take care of little elder brother, xu bridge town party committee, vice secretary of He Fan, committee of minhang district party committee chair wen-qing wu and xu bridge wanda plaza, Lawson convenience store, the relevant person in charge of road tiger subsidy, together to “little elder brother come on” service point between the party and the masses, for the busy for a year of express little buddy,Send a blessing before the festival.Participation in minhang by the party and social enterprises resources, to strengthen the construction of “a little elder brother come on service point between the party and the masses” in the process of xu bridge town with multi-network convergence “” favorable opportunity, sort out a batch of use, visible to the services, not only in xu bridge town eight service between the party and the masses, for the whole building” a little elder brother come on, “also with committee of minhang district regional social services to build,”Little Brother Laiba” has been built in Lawson, a member enterprise of China Civil Construction Association, and Tuhu Car Maintenance Company. Together with Wanda Party and public service centers, a service network of “Little Brother Laiba” has been formed, covering business circles, blocks and supermarkets, providing “zero-distance” care and service to the little brothers and truly creating service centers “at home”.Led by the party committee and multi-sectoral linkage “little elder brother come on” the birth of the service point between the party and the masses, not just rely on one or two departments, party and government social enterprises resources to better fusion, xu bridge town party committee, led, and the joint between the service center, comprehensive party, trade unions and other departments and between economic development service center, investment promotion service center and other functional departments, to form the working group,From the early stage of communication, plan formulation, service summary, position construction, post-maintenance, so that the site built up, moving up at the same time, but also someone in charge, from the system to ensure the benign operation of “little brother come”.With the help of the “multi-network integration” working mode, zhuanqiao town “Little Ge Laiba” Party and mass service point formed a “1+5+X” service system: that is, “1” Party and mass service center comprehensive platform, the collection of various resources, the formation of a service list, to promote;”5″ Party and Mass service stations operating platform, based on the 7 Party and mass service stations in 5 functional areas, fully cover the establishment of “brother come”, through rich party and mass activities, so that Courier boys can work at the same time, but also more direct and convenient to enjoy the “food and clothing” function service;”X” party and mass service points warm heart platform, in the business circle, blocks, supermarkets and other Courier Courier daily orders gathering place, to build a small service position nearby.At present, Zhuanqiao Town has built 8 service points in Wanda, Lawson, Tuhu Car, etc., so that the urgent needs of “resting feet, drinking water, heating a meal, charging electricity” can be solved in a “moment”.Precise service, many benefits with the “hard conditions”, “brother come” of the “soft power” has been improved in the process of operation, the party and the masses of departments active action, all kinds of activities to the site.For example, in the “little brother come” Tihu car group service point, “Spring Festival couplets” activities held, a pair of Spring Festival couplets, a small doll, let the express little brothers, can use the rest of the gap, see Spring Festival couplets, brush wechat, win “tiger”, appreciate the “year” temperature;Another example is Lawson’s party service point, where a hot breakfast is served, so that those who work outdoors can feel at ease and have a taste of “home”.And in the “little brother come” grid area party and mass service station, a series of activities list was published, the little brothers can according to their own time, choose favorite activities to participate in, “festival” lively, here with the winter sun spread.Express little brother, a group always rushing about on the road, looking at them hurried to come, and hurried to leave the figure, let us say “thank you” to their hard work at the same time, but also for them to find a shelter, a little rest place, brother come, here years, home, warm.