What are the advantages of the 2022 pension changes for people born before 1954?

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What advantage will those born before 1954 have in the 2022 pension changes?People born in 1954, by 2022, are about 68 years old.Such an age stage, in fact, is relatively awkward, because in most areas it is not able to get preferential treatment for the elderly adjustment.Because of the vast majority of the country, the starting age limit of advanced age tilt adjustment is above 70 years old, so you are only 68 years old this year, and do not have the treatment of advanced age tilt adjustment.We need to wait another two to three years before we can get tilt adjustment.After having tilt adjustment, one of the biggest changes depends on the treatment of every month pension namely, can have certain rise.Many areas will increase dozens of yuan a month relatively low area, about each person will increase 20 yuan a month relatively high area, about each person can increase at least 50 yuan a month.Therefore, the ability to obtain tilt adjustment is the biggest advantage for the elderly retirees.But because I am 68 years old this year, it is not available in most areas, not all areas.In fact, there are a few areas, it is possible to get old age tilt adjustment.For example, in places like Shanghai and Beijing, the age they consider old is 65.So you are 68 years old this year, so you must be able to get tilt adjustment treatment, in fact, last year and a few years before the time, you have ushered in their own tilt adjustment, at least they should increase 2~3 years of time.So this year should be a continuation of their own tilt adjustment.This is the population that was born before 1954, and of course as a population that was born before 1951, then basically you can get a tilt adjustment.Because they are 71 years old or older, all of them are eligible for the old age adjustment.Want him to attend endowment insurance normally only, and can get the pay of worker annuities by the month, so in the process of annuities adjustment this year, can welcome oneself tilt old age adjustment.And for older individuals, the actual level of adjustment will be higher, for example, the elderly in Guangdong province can get a monthly increase of 100 yuan for those over 90 years old.For people over 100 years old, they can even get 300 yuan a month which is the largest increase in the country.Therefore, the elderly can get a corresponding tilt adjustment, but this tilt adjustment in addition to the elderly retirees, but also for some difficult and remote areas of the retired, but also can increase part of the additional treatment.Such as the Tibetan Plateau, high altitude areas, difficult and remote alpine regions.They don’t have to be over 65, they don’t have to be over 70, as long as they retire in the region, and they have pension benefits in the region, no matter where they retire, they can get their own tilt adjustment every year.Thank you for reading and talking about retirement knowledge every day. I focus on social security and retirement. If you like my article, you can add my attention.