Tsinghua EMBA admission rate of 13:1?Tsinghua EMBA candidates return to Study “Jiahe Boyan”

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As the EMBA pre-exam training base of tsinghua EMBA, Peking EMBA, CEIbs EMBA and Changjiang EMBA, Jiahe Bopostgraduate Education always adheres to the power of professionalism and the flow of reputation. Relying on years of EMBA pre-exam training experience and successful cases, jiahe Bopostgraduate Education has created a set of personalized EMBA training system.We provide tailor-made training programs for EMBA candidates from prestigious universities across the country, helping these executives to produce the maximum learning effect in the least amount of time.At present, jingguan JINGguan EMBA, with its excellent faculty team and high-quality EMBA courses, provides top EMBA teaching for senior managers of excellent enterprises in China, helping them grow into outstanding corporate leaders rooted in China and facing the world.According to the information released on the official website of Tsinghua EMBA, the admission rate of Tsinghua EMBA has reached 13:1.It can be seen that due to the current economic uncertainty and the impact of the epidemic, more and more senior managers and founders of enterprises begin to choose EMBA to seek help and explore new management of enterprises, so that enterprises can remain invincible in this trend of The Times.The School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University is one of the earliest schools of economics and Management in China. After more than 30 years of development, it has become the best business school in China and even in Asia.In September 2002, with the approval of the Academic Degrees Committee of The State Council, TSINGHUA School of Economics and Management was one of the first batch of schools approved to offer EMBA education for senior executives.In 2007, TSINGHUA School of Economics and Management was accredited by the International Association of Business Schools AACSB.In 2008, it successfully passed EQUIS certification, and became the only business school in Mainland China to obtain AACSB and EQUIS certification.Second, tsinghua university EMBA cultivation target with good business ethics, with strong innovation ability and leadership skills, master the system of modern management knowledge and the international economy, the latest development of technology, with international business strategic mind and decision-making ability of commanding the whole situation, entrepreneurs and senior professional managers to satisfy the needs of the international competition.China’s Economy and Finance China’s Rule of Law and Politics China’s Economic Frontier Issues Interpretation of China’s Social Frontier Issues Interpretation of Financial Market and Investment Decision-making China’s International Relations commercial Law in the New EraFinancial accounting control Marketing management strategic management Operation management Information Strategy and management company Financial management company Performance management Dynamic competition and Enterprise Transformation Do a good job in enterprise practice and thinking m&a and accounting marketing frontier theory and application Enterprise management and Economy Analysis human thinking, decision and Leadership:Human nature of enterprise Organizational behavior management communication State-owned enterprise corporate governance family enterprise corporate governance strategy human resource management strategy talent management leadership artGeneral managers incentive tsinghua to explore relevant China “in the future, the future of science and technology thinking” lecture series, tsinghua university EMBA 4 basic requirements to enter oneself for an examination a sequence of national education graduate or bachelor degree or above, 8 years after graduation or eight years of full-time work experience, which should have five years or five years working experience in management, large-scale active senior management personnel of the enterprise.The current senior management personnel of large-scale enterprises with rich practical experience should have graduated from junior college of national education series and obtained graduation certificate, and have 10 years or more full-time working experience after graduation, including 5 years or more management work experience.Fifthly, tsinghua EMBA recruitment process adopts the way of “application review – registration examination – selection” to investigate comprehensive quality and management potential.The application review includes material review and interview assessment. Only those who pass the examination can apply for the written EMBA joint examination in the National Unified Entrance Examination for Postgraduate students, and the admission list will be determined based on the written examination results.According to the national unified master entrance examination arrangement, the joint EMBA written examination will be held in December every year, the test site is located in Tsinghua University.The written test subject is “EMBA Joint test comprehensive Ability”, the time is 3 hours, the full score is 200 points.It mainly tests candidates’ English reading level, logical thinking ability, practical management experience and business judgment ability.The test includes four parts: business English reading, logical and mathematical reasoning, management case analysis and business judgment.1) Business English reading, full score of 25, test the ability of business English comprehension.The questions are based on two English reading comprehension passages, each reading comprehension passage consists of 5 multiple-choice questions, each question is 2.5 points.2) Logical and mathematical reasoning, full score of 35, test candidates logical deduction ability, mathematical analysis ability.Among them, 5 logical reasoning questions, multiple-choice questions, 4 points for each question;5 basic math questions, multiple choice type, 3 marks each.3) Management case analysis, full score is 80, testing candidates’ ability of practical management analysis. The questions are mainly from practical problems of enterprise management, involving strategic planning, human resources, business ethics, economic hot spots and other aspects.There are 2 open-ended essay questions (you can choose 2 of the 3 questions for your essay), each question is 40 points.4) Business judgment, full score of 60, test candidates’ business sensitivity, problem determination, social responsibility.The question type is 2 open-ended essay questions (you can choose 2 of the 3 questions), each question marks 30.After completing all the courses and passing the dissertation defense, students will be awarded the EMBA degree certificate and master degree Certificate by Tsinghua University in accordance with the Charter of Tsinghua University and with the approval of tsinghua University.Tsinghua EMBA lasts for two years, with no less than 22 months of study, and the rest of the time is required to complete the graduation thesis.Use one weekend each month to concentrate on four days of study, usually From Thursday to Sunday.Ninth, what is the difference between Tsinghua EMBA and MBA?EMBA education focuses on training business leaders who can take charge of the whole business.MBA education is to cultivate middle-level enterprise managers who can master certain management tools and skills.They are different levels of management education.Second, the composition of students is different.Taking the EMBA program of Tsinghua University as an example, the average age of EMBA students is 40 years old, and the average working experience is 18 years. Most of them are senior managers of well-known private and multinational companies at home and abroad, and more than 85% of them are vice general managers or above.The average MBA student is 29 years old and has worked for an average of seven years.Thirdly, because EMBA students have more practical experience, EMBA education has higher requirements in terms of teachers, teaching content and teaching methods.Moreover, EMBA attaches more importance to the exchange and sharing of experience among students.Because most EMBA students have experience running successful businesses, it is important to learn from each other.At present, the candidates who apply for 2023 Tsinghua EMBA has started. The EMBA training base of Jiahe Bo-research Education school has also developed personalized tutoring courses for many candidates who apply for 2023 Tsinghua EMBA, which is advancing in a scientific way to help candidates from all over the country to be promoted to Shuimu Tsinghua Assistance.In the New Year, more and more tsinghua EMBA candidates from all over the country come to Jiahe BoYAN to start a new journey in the New Year!