Ping an Life Insurance Shanghai Branch: Protect home, you have peace

2022-07-31 0 By

At the most critical moment in the fight against the epidemic in Shanghai, action is the most sonorous language.Recently, the field staff of Ping An Life Insurance Shanghai Branch continued to participate in the community’s frontline work against COVID-19, and carried out all kinds of voluntary services in an orderly manner, standing in the front line of defending “Shanghai” home.This includes assisting communities in nucleic acid testing, including distribution of testing supplies, notification and explanation of community epidemic prevention requirements, and even receiving express delivery and food distribution.Ping an people with practical actions to this special period left a warm mark, showing the insurer responsible, willing to contribute to the spiritual outlook.It is reported that the “customer care plan” launched by Ping An Life Insurance Shanghai Branch has also added new forms and contents according to the actual situation. The company’s front-line business units are also actively exploring channels to solve problems and provide services for customers in various forms.Such as delivering vegetables, helping to buy daily necessities and so on, there have been 856 salesmen relay service projects successively, and 1,448 customers have received point-to-point care.Meanwhile, up to now, 167,000 People in Shanghai have been covered by ping An COVID-19 liability bonus insurance.According to the requirements of Shanghai for epidemic prevention and control, during the lockdown in Puxi, Ping An Life Insurance Shanghai Branch temporarily closed relevant workplaces, and the branch actively promoted online services to ensure that services were not affected during the lockdown.At the same time, the company has made corresponding adjustments to insurance, claims, problems and correspondence handling during the special period to ensure smooth and orderly operation of all businesses during the epidemic.On April 2nd, ping an life insurance’s Shanghai office issued initiative, also to all colleagues hope all business colleagues during the epidemic prevention and control, continue to strictly implement the state, the government and the local rc on epidemic prevention and control of unified deployment requirements, shouldering the mission at the same time, consciously do science communicators, the guardian of the peace, customer care;I hope you can stay at home with an optimistic attitude, keep learning, serve customers, and meet the people we want to meet with a new look after the epidemic.”We believe that as long as we join hands, strengthen confidence, stick together in times of trouble, take scientific prevention and control measures and take targeted measures, we will win the battle against the epidemic.”Sing Ying Ying entertainment co., LTD