Lingbi County: “Six Adherence” to promote the upgrading of characteristic industries and help rural revitalization

2022-07-31 0 By

In recent years, suzhou city lingbi resolutely pays special attention to the food security, not scale the three important Chinese and farmland protection, the implementation of the “four not pick” requirements, in-depth implementation of characteristic planting project, with Yangtze river delta green production and processing of agricultural products supply base construction as the gripper, highlight the characteristics of cultivation of leading industry, construction industry park, build green agricultural products brand,Accelerate the development of agricultural products processing industry, promote the county’s agricultural industry development constantly upgrade file, help rural revitalization.Adhere to the goal – oriented, formulate supporting policies.Focus on the annual objectives and tasks, clarify work priorities, to provide basis for the annual project implementation, project supervision, capital investment, main body driven, park construction, “one village, one product” and other work.Around industries, based on the resources endowment, relying on local knowledge and obvious advantages of edible fungi and cattle two dominant characteristic industry, to compile the “difference” lingbi county agricultural industry development planning “, “the” difference “lingbi beef cattle industry development planning”, form a complete set, formulate measures for filling, in lingbi county during the period of “difference” leading industry development to provide policy basis,We will promote the rapid development of industries with distinctive characteristics.Adhere to leading cultivation, promote base construction.Highlight the cultivation of leading industries, around the industrial advantages of Lingbi, the development of “1348” characteristic industry promotion action plan: that is, 1 green cycle, 3 whole industry chain, 4 production areas, 8 demonstration bases.To build a green circulation industry chain with brand grain and oil planting, livestock and poultry breeding, edible fungus cultivation, organic fertilizer processing, green fruit and vegetable planting as the main links;Cultivating the whole industry chain development mode of edible fungus, cattle, and brand grain and oil industries;Forming the distribution pattern of four major producing areas of oil in the south and vegetable in the north, livestock in the west and poultry in the east;Demonstration first, to create Yangtuan edible fungi, downstairs grapes, Lingcheng vegetables, zen beef and other 8 demonstration bases.We will pursue integrated development and build a whole industrial chain.Focusing on leading industries, we will strengthen weak links in processing industries and support the upgrading and transformation of existing processes.Expand the primary processing of agricultural products, support the construction of edible mushroom processing projects, purchase fresh mushrooms in the whole county and surrounding counties, classification, cleaning, slicing, salting, canning commercial processing, to achieve loss reduction and efficiency.We will support the construction of chili paste processing projects, and encourage zen temples and highways to build chili production bases.Construction of poultry egg processing production line, processing livestock and poultry leisure food.Support Horkin to upgrade beef cattle slaughtering, freezing and refrigeration technology, and promote the “post-cooked” technology of fresh beef.Support dayuan Oil and grease, Kangmeida flour industry to speed up the process transformation, implement order production, drive the construction of green special brand grain and oil base.Adhere to brand building, enhance influence.Support joint cooperation among business entities, share and build enterprise brands, and realize the extension of brand value.Vigorously build “three products one standard” product base, promote Yang Tuan edible fungi, downstairs grapes and other whole village certification, promote “He Jinlai” beef brand, to create “Mushroom” “mushroom garden” Lingbi edible fungus brand, to create kangmeida and da Park and other grain and oil brand.Establish and improve the agricultural product quality testing certification system, strengthen agricultural product certification and management, 2021 “three products a standard” newly obtained 28, “Lingbi cattle” landmark certification has passed the provincial department review, application materials have been reported to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.We will adhere to demonstration and drive development of industrial parks.Centering on the dominant industry, leading industry, focus on the construction of Lingcheng Town modern agriculture industrial park, Yangtuan Town edible fungi industrial park, Zen Hall town beef cattle breeding industrial park.According to the construction needs of the park and base, 40 projects were organized and implemented in the village, including 1 agricultural product storage project, 3 agricultural product processing project, 6 beef cattle breeding project, 7 standardized fruit and vegetable base project, and 23 edible fungus base construction project.We will continue to ensure funding and strengthen financial support.Actively surveyed loan demand, organized several matchmaking meetings between agricultural bear companies, banks and operating entities, promoted financial products and discount interest policies, and expanded financing channels.We will further improve policies and measures for agricultural insurance with local characteristics, expand the coverage of insurance coverage, and provide insurance protection for villages, poverty-stricken households, and driving forces in developing industries with local characteristics.(Tang Feng congxiang)