Is Taiwan’s epidemic prevention policy “Fast in north and Slow in South”?Taiwan scholar said: In fact, the overall epidemic prevention measures are ok

2022-07-31 0 By

According to Taiwan media on February 1, the number of confirmed cases in Taiwan continues to increase, with a total of 16 local cases reported today (1), including 9 cases from Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung city government also announced earlier that since Tomorrow (2), compared with Taipei, cinema use has been banned, the epidemic prevention standards are increasing. Does this mean that the epidemic in Taiwan is about to break out?Shi Xinru, director of the Emerging Virus Infection Research Center at Taiwan’s Chang Gung University, said in an interview with Taiwan media that cinema is a confined space, so it is appropriate to ban domestic use, but given the transmission rate of Omicron, taoyuan and Kaohsiung are very well controlled.The Taiwan Command Center announced today that 16 new local cases were reported on the island, including 7 more cases in Taoyuan and 9 more in Kaohsiung. As 104 people were confirmed in Kaohsiung within 12 days, The mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Chi-mai, announced stricter epidemic prevention measures, banning eating and drinking in cinemas starting tomorrow, while Taipei banned cinema use before the year before.Is Taipei fast and Kaohsiung slow?ShiXin as surveyed pointed out, in the present case increase, Taiwan’s outbreak is very good, oneself also in the screening of the first line, you can see the number of screening is very much actually, “and the cinema is prohibited inside with I think that is necessary, after all to eat is to take mouth-muffle, eat popcorn while watching a movie is very happy,But the number of cases outside the island is a multiplier, so it’s better to use it in a confined space like a cinema.”But ShiXin as also thinks, the island now seems no outbreak of epidemic situation, “actually, our response is quick, like cijin island, kaohsiung said think of people is more, and there was a ferry, immediately set up a station increases with the increasing to sieve screening, almost is the level of local general sieve, and Taipei is more experienced in the epidemic prevention, now also can see the double north little epidemic.”For the taoyuan district, ShiXin as said, taoyuan “front”, namely originally natural was more difficult on the defensive, and Mr Mick Dijon itself is not easy to defense, infectious before haven’t symptoms again, at best, we have delayed the Mick RongJin to local time, now most people like to play the vaccine, even with all the local case,The number of cases is not as many as expected, so it’s holding.