All the rockets deals out there, they’re crazy deals. Just keep your eyes on the Nets

2022-07-31 0 By

 reported about the rockets to trade at present, are some erratic transactions, such as the wood heat with luo deng for the rockets, it is impossible, deng’s contract is the high salary low-energy, stone won’t so silly, let alone Matthews can play a role of deng, trade deadline the rockets make a deal,The most likely trade chip is the first-round pick.The rockets can’t trade for junk, wall’s junk contract has been a particular headache for the rockets, and even if it is a junk deal will expire this offseason.Gordon to knight, wood to New Orleans or wizards, tice emasculation deer these also is possible, don’t look at 22 years sign is not very valuable, rookie nothing between the window, the more draft off-year more prone to superstar, some rookie, like the shells on the beach, who would know the pearl on the shell, as in 2013, until the sequence of the 15th to the elder brother of the letters.As for next year’s draft pick, with the heat and nets in the Eastern Conference standings, next year’s draft pick is very good for the rockets.The more the Nets lose, the better the rockets will be next year.