What is UC?

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Uc stands for University of California, Instant Messaging, Ulcerative colitis, UC Browser, Support Contract, Unified Communications, Barter Universal Currency, Undercover, Voltage on Capacitors, etc.1. Sina UC is the next generation of open instant messaging network chat tool developed by Sina UC Information Technology Co., LTD. It integrates THE idea of P2P.It is a multi-functional chat software with equal emphasis on practicality and convenience, which sets an epoch-making milestone for the development of instant communication.2.UC Browser (UC) is the software of UC Mobile Co., LTD. It is divided into UC Mobile Browser and UC Browser computer version.UC Browser provides intelligent mobile Internet services for mobile Internet users around the world.It covers major mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS and Windows.UC has been promoting the development of mobile browsers and the progress of the global mobile Internet industry with continuous technological innovation and excellent market vision.3. Unified communication (UC) is a new communication mode combining computer technology and traditional communication technology.As a solution and application, its core content is to enable people to access the free communication of data, images and sound from any device and network anytime, anywhere.