Shanxi Province: Strengthen business training to build forest “firewall”

2022-07-30 0 By

Brand taiyuan People’s Daily March 30 (reporter ma firm) on March 29, forest fire prevention headquarters office of Shanxi Province forest steppe fire-fighting business training, the training object for municipal, county, and refers to the commander, refers to the director of the office of prevention, and relevant staff, various professional and semi-professional PuHuoDui commander (including team commander made nine chose bureau), etc.The training was held in the form of video conference, combining the actual work of forest and grassland fire prevention and control in Shanxi Province, experts were invited to focus on the forest fire fighting command practice and forest and grassland fire prevention and control experience and practices, from the practical operation level, how to solve the problems encountered in the specific operation of all levels and types of commanders at the fire scene.What should all levels and types of fire scene commanders do, how to do, how to improve command ability;How to develop effective forest grassland fire prevention measures to teach.Shanxi Forest Prevention and Control Office requirements, all cities and counties to strengthen the qingming Festival forest grassland fire situation consultation, precise measures;Strengthen information reporting and improve the department fire information sharing mechanism;In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, forest and grassland fire prevention and control supervision, fire fighting exercises or tabletop exercises will be carried out;Strengthen the professional training of leading cadres, enhance the ability of forest grassland fire prevention;We promptly issued the “Proposal”, “Fire Ban” and “Mountain Closure”, and carried out strict prevention and control measures to resolutely win the battle against forest and grassland fire, and made every effort to safeguard ecological security and the safety of people’s lives.