Qingdao has four morning market, kaiping Road morning market why attract people to come?Rainbow and spinach are very affordable

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Qingdao has tuandao, Haibo bridge, beech-Linshan, Kaiping Road four morning markets.The popularity of the morning market requires something fresh, cheap, and mature residential areas around it.The morning market on Kaiping Road is surrounded by some dormitory buildings of the old enterprises such as Qingdao National Cotton Factory No.4 and No.5, which has become a living habit of many people.The kaiping Road morning market on the third day of 2022 is much quieter than usual, and still attracts many citizens to taste fresh food. The price of things is a little more expensive than usual. It is understandable that, after all, it is the holiday period, and the purchase and labor costs are high.Oysters, scallops and sea bows began to appear in the market. Oysters cost ten yuan per jin and sea bows cost ten yuan and half jin.This time of small seafood, really fresh and fat, during the Spring Festival eat tired of big fish meat, buy some small seafood, drink a little wine, is really refreshing.Cucumber price is eight yuan a catty, yellow tender yellow tender, spinach price is very affordable, 3.5 yuan a catty, green, during the festival, eat a vegetable, meat and vegetable collocation is better.This is my first time to write about kaiping Road morning market. I like the smell of fireworks in old Sifang.When spring starts, come over on a Saturday to buy some seafood, steam in a beer house and drink some loose beer to slow down life and enjoy the warmth of time.