James Quennett’s daughter’s secret meeting?She broke up with her boyfriend of seven years

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Feng Xin Guan, the daughter of Hong Kong actor Jay Quen, has denied cheating on her by revealing that she has split up with her foreign boyfriend of seven years.Fabienne was photographed on March 14, and a mysterious man in the hotel, both on the same day dressed in a black coat just like sweethearts outfit, fabienne wore plaid skirt, hair dyed red, and dress up beautiful fashion, the man is wearing a knit cap, neck hung a necklaces, tattoo on his arm is quite eyes, also has a lot of street hip-hop fan.Two people in the hotel that day after checking in, went to the beach romantic date, hand in hand, the man will not only intimate to Take pictures of Guan Fengxin, but also close hug with her, is completely madly in love with the couple.But Guan Fengxin previously publicly said his boyfriend is Kris, so her behavior attracted cheating rumors, guan Fengxin responded that he and Kris because of long-term separation, so at the end of last year has broken up, she did not cheat.At the same time, Guan Fengxin also revealed that her new boyfriend is an outsider, I hope we can give them space, the new love is very maintenance.Her father is actor Jay Kwan, who was very fond of her when her daughter participated in the Miss Hong Kong beauty contest, often helping to promote her, cheering for her and performing with her.With the support of her father, Guan Fengxin finally failed to win the honor of Miss Hong Kong champion, but still harvested a lot of attention, and successfully signed the TVB debut, now a variety of work offers, just like a rising star.I wonder if she can make more outstanding achievements in her career in the future?Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete