Bad news!Kim In-hyeok, a 27-year-old South Korean volleyball player whose death is still under investigation, has died after being attacked online for wearing makeup

2022-07-30 0 By

On February 5, Beijing time, according to the latest news of the Daejeon Samsung Fire and Fire Club, the Main leader of the Korean men’s volleyball team Kim In-hyeok passed away.The news pointed out that Kim Renhyuk died at home, but the cause of death is still under investigation, one of the clues caused everyone’s attention, that is, Kim Renhyuk love makeup by network violence, do not rule out the cause of mental stress.It is a sad news that Kim In-hyeok, 27 years old and in the prime of his life, has said goodbye to the world.However, in August last year, Kim in-hyuk revealed that he was under too much mental pressure, which was triggered by frequent online abuse from South Korean netizens.Kim wrote on his social media account at the time, “I have been misunderstood for more than a decade.All this time, I chose to ignore it.But it’s been too long and I’m exhausted, so I’m asking people to stop attacking me because I can’t take it anymore.”Kim in-hyuk’s competitive level is not bad, after all, he has represented the Korean men’s volleyball team in the Asian Cup, World Championship and Asian Championship.Kim has only played in two games this season and has missed the rest of the season due to injuries.Kim in-hyuk, meanwhile, often wears makeup for matches, which has also caused some resentment among South Korean fans.However, it is not unusual for South Korea’s men’s volleyball team to wear makeup. Internet users posted pictures of the men’s team at the South Korean men’s volleyball All-Star Game, and the players appeared to wear makeup during the match.While suffering from injuries, while being subjected to a long period of Internet abuse, it also put Kim in-hyeok under increasing pressure.Even ordinary people are prone to mental problems under great pressure, but Kim is a sports athlete.As a public figure, Kim is under more pressure than ordinary people.In addition, Kim In-hyeok is the leader of the Korean men’s volleyball team. It is unfair for him to be attacked by the fans of his own country when he is winning glory for his country in the international arena.However, it remains to be further investigated whether Kim’s death was related to Internet abuse.However, it is highly likely that the Internet abuse will be the last straw for Kim.It is a shame that Kim In-hyeok has not continued to shine in volleyball at the age of 27.