All eyes, another way to open new Balance’s front-runner dad shoes

2022-07-30 0 By

The 1990s was the golden age of street culture, with street brands constantly emerging and trends developing rapidly. Daddy shoes were one of the representatives of the 1990s trend.New Balance has taken the lead in the new Daddy shoes, incorporating the minimalist DNA of the moment and the energetic energy of Generation Z to create innovative Daddy shoes that mark an avant-garde attitude.The outsole is made of super soft elastic material, which is soft and smooth, giving perfect experience to both feet. The heel equipped with TPU gives better support, making it easy to walk far.Profile smooth lines, full details, stand now, shoe type flexible light, good experience on foot, inspiration for the classic torre shoes, restore ancient ways resurgence in the 90 s the trend of the perfect moment, slam the door design heavy and complicated, with contracted frivolous streamlined shoes body to modern interpretation of torre, secure modern C, neutral wind upset the traditional definition design, no gender item to break the trend line.Versatile color matching, daily and advanced, easily meet the needs of the whole scene, low-key is not simple, bring new inspiration for collocation.No matter what the scene, New Balance Leader want you to be the most eye-catching protagonist, fashion stage has been set up, just waiting for you to step on your feet, the crowd attention stage.