300 square meters of luxury flat layer, diversified functions let the home atmosphere direct peak

2022-07-30 0 By

Today appreciate a 300 square meters large flat layer, this model has a simple facade!Public housing is the standard of the future high-grade apartment.This door model has business temperament, accord with the idea that occupy the home again at the same time, let us look specifically!The way to enter the house is very strange, using the door hopper design, one side is the corridor through the entrance of the household, the east side can directly reach the rich elevator hall!After entering the house, the north side can make a top coat and hat rack, and the wall strictly aligned without violation.There is also a toilet on the north side, which is very convenient for disinfection and hand-washing in the post-epidemic era.South is a separate living room, using the layout of the large horizontal hall, and surrounded by the depth of the extra-long balcony, can meet the meeting of the president level!The dining room in the middle adopts independent setting, which makes the dining atmosphere more pure, and is one step away from the kitchen on the north side!There are two bedrooms to the south, the master bedroom has a walk-in cloakroom and an open window bathroom with double lighting. It is very elegant!The west side, the north side of the bedroom all take their own independent toilet, so that the class of the whole family to promote a level!Do you think this apartment can achieve more than 90 points?