Xinda, Hesteel, Shansteel, Nansteel…Help the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in the name of steel

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Vote finally wait until you, depends on you! “I cheer for the games” winter Olympics on February 4, 2022 kicks off in national each big steel mills in the enthusiasm of the fans under the “booster” of “off” around the small make up collected a total of 14 power steel mills of the games master of small make up deeply impressed by the strength of these mills as a cloud, difficult to close to each in this excellent steel mills manual thumb up much,Speaking of the Winter Olympics, the people of the country have been looking forward to for a long time, now the Winter Olympics has officially opened the prelude, so we know the winter Olympics venues, facilities, equipment construction are what steel enterprises involved?Today xiaobian will introduce you to take you to know about 14 steel enterprises for the Winter Olympics: 1.2022 is an important historical moment for China. The 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China.With excellent quality and good reputation, “Xinda brand” products have opened a new chapter in the supply of building materials for the National key projects of the Winter Olympic Games.As the first winter Olympic event held in China, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the focus of national attention.Venues for the Winter Olympics will be distributed in three areas, namely Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.The construction of Olympic venues and supporting facilities has attracted the participation of suppliers from all over the world. The strict selection conditions are undoubtedly a high standard test for the products. HRB400E high quality high strength seismic rebar developed and produced by Hebei Xinda Group has successfully entered the project construction of Zhangjiakou Olympic Games Area.It is understood that HRB400E high quality high strength seismic rebar rebar is xinda’s hit products, with high strength rigidity, ductility, high temperature resistance, low temperature performance, seismic performance and fatigue performance, strong environmental adaptability, high reliability.It is very suitable for high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings, long span Bridges and other complex working conditions of high standard construction engineering, is actively recommended by international engineering standards and has been widely used in the world.The application practice of “Xinda brand” rebar shows that it can save a lot of steel and has obvious economic and social benefits.With the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, the National Bobsled Center has also started its competitions, which is the first time that China has hosted a World Cup-level event in this event.Hegang Chenggang has supplied 14,000 tons of vanadium rebar for the company, all of which are used in the project track and housing steel structure.Hegang chenggang actively docking national key projects to serve national development and construction.All the products are customized in accordance with the key projects of the National Snowmobile sled Center, which opens up a “green channel” for the steel used in the project to ensure that the products are of high quality and delivered quickly.Up to now, Hegang chenggang has supplied 26,000 tons of products for snowmobile sled center, speed skating Center, alpine skiing center and Yanzhong Expressway related to The Winter Olympic Games, giving full play to the advantages of vanadium rebar with good seismic resistance, low resource consumption, good toughness and easy welding, helping the construction of national Winter Olympic venues.3. Anshan iron and steel group, benxi steel group co., LTD. – help Beijing Olympics all main bridge steel a focus of attention since the “five rings bridge” exposure, the modelling of angang steel plate marketing (services) center began to focus on the project, relying on professional product promotion, good business service, after several bidding, the center has knocked the enemy, succeeded in winning orders,The company has become the exclusive supplier of medium and thick steel plates for all main Bridges of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, laying a solid foundation for the smooth connection of Beijing “Olympic Road”.4. Shougang Jingtang Iron & Steel Co., LTD. — to help the Winter Olympics ski big jump project, Jingtang Company medium thick plate Division undertook the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ski big jump project steel delivery smoothly, the company’s production of 80mm thick Q345GJDZ25 steel plate all meet the technical requirements, in order to serve the Beijing Winter Olympics,We will play a positive role in accelerating infrastructure development.5. Lingyuan Iron & Steel Group Co., LTD. — Assist in the “Three venues and one Village” project of Venue construction for Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which is divided into four construction communities: Winter Olympic Village, Nordic Center Ski jumping Resort, Biathlon Center ski resort and Nordic Center cross-country ski resort, covering a total area of 337.76 hectares.Lingang, as the steel supplier of the project, will provide high-quality steel for the project and work with China Railway Construction Engineering Group to jointly create high-quality projects for the Construction of Olympic Village and venue group.The 1500t 60N specification U71MnG 100m high-speed rail produced by Hegang Handan Iron and Steel Co., LTD fully meets the requirements of TB/T3276-2011 high-speed rail standard.The products will be used in the construction of Taichong Section of Tai-Tin Railway, a supporting project for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, to contribute to the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.The first section from Taizicheng to Chongli, with a total length of 15.864 kilometers, is the only supporting rail transit line connecting the core area of Zhangjiakou And Chongli city, which will provide important transportation guarantee for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.7. Echeng Iron & Steel Co., LTD., Baowu Group — To help Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Low alloy weathering steel Q355NHD, used for Esteel Project of Baowu Group, will help Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games core project — National Snowmobile Sled Center.The National Bobsled Center is built by Shanghai Baoye, a subsidiary of Minmetals Group. The project mainly includes the main track, training track and auxiliary buildings, etc. The center track is the first bobsled track in China, the third track in Asia and the 16th track in the world. It is the most difficult and complex competition facility to construct among all the venues of Beijing Winter Olympics.Construction crews are laying Steel threads of TiSCO at the National Speed Skating Stadium, known as the “ice ribbon”, the landmark venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics, on Oct. 15, 2021.The construction of national Speed Skating Hall has very high requirements on the quality of steel supplied. Tisco stainless steel pipe, stainless steel thread rebar, L-c stainless steel plate and other three types of products stand out among many similar varieties, participating in the construction of venues and contributing to the Strength of TiSCO for the Olympic construction.With excellent quality, cost-effective and high-quality service, Jinxi Section steel products will stand out in the construction of the main press center and international broadcasting center — The Second phase of the National Convention Center of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.This is jinxi section steel products after appearing in the Beijing-Zhangjia-High-speed railway, an important transportation support facility of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, again to help the construction of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.On May 27, 2021, Rizhao Marketing Company of Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. received the bidding notice from MCC steel Structure, marking that The medium thickness plate products of Shandong Iron and Steel Group have entered the Venue project of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The ancient poplar venues in Zhangjiakou area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, constructed by Zhongye Steel Construction co., LTD., include three venues including Nordic Center Ski jumping Resort, Nordic Center cross-country ski resort and biathlon Center.Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., LTD. — To help Beijing Winter Olympic Games to provide steel plate for alpine skiing Course On February 13, 2021, a batch of steel plate of Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., LTD was busy sending to the construction site of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which ushered in a good start.In the National Alpine Ski Center, half of the steel plates used are supplied by Valin Xianggang.Alpine skiing is referred to as “pearl on the crown of the winter Olympics”, relying on the small tuo mountain natural yamagata 7 runs to planning and development, and the 21 km, gap of about 800 meters, including racing, sports track, and training way, mountain platform start distributing plaza, media coverage area, the top of the mountain area, racing, athletic end zone, etc., can provide 8000 seats in the audience.Top skiers from all over the world will gather at the top of the Haituo mountain to enjoy the elegant demeanor of “Haituo wearing snow”!Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD. — Assisting in the Construction of Heavy Rail for Winter Olympics Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD. Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD. Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD.Recently, baotou iron and Steel sales work of the good news, baotou iron and Steel products have been into chongli railway, Jingxiong railway two major domestic landmark railway projects, the first batch of more than 6,000 tons of heavy rail contracts have been signed.The project has important political and economic significance and is of great significance to the development of Baotou Steel.Baotou Steel will contribute to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The new water plant in Xiawopu, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City is the main water source for the skiing venue and related supporting businesses of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics, aiming to ensure the water for snow making and production and living during the Winter Olympic Games, which plays an important role.We will spare no effort to ensure the construction of the Winter Olympics and provide high-quality ductile iron water supply pipes for supporting projects of the Winter Olympics.Among many venues for the Winter Olympics, the National Bobsled Center is like a “snow Dragon” hovering in the mountains, and the “dragon track” is made of Nansteel Weathering steel.The construction of the venues for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has created many firsts in the fields of science and technology, green and architecture, and has integrated many Chinese elements, reflecting the profound Chinese culture and temperament.The national Bobsled Center adopts the idea of dragon, a totem of Chinese culture. The 1.9-kilometer track winds down from Xiaohaitao Mountain like a dragon, with a drop of nearly 47 stories high. There are 16 turns.It is also the most difficult and complex facility in the project design and construction of the 2022 Winter Olympics.The weathering steel of NANGang is selected as the steel for the National Bobsled Center project because it conforms to the concept of green and sustainable development and highly conforms to the concept of green, sharing, open and clean Hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The high-quality weathering steel supplied by Nangang to the Winter Olympics has eight times the weather resistance of ordinary steel.Refueling for the Olympic Games, proud of China’s steel, proud we are a steel worker.The construction of venues and the implementation of projects not only witness the spirit of Chinese steel, but also write the reform and innovation of Chinese steel manufacturing in the past 100 years.At the same time, it also realized the dream of “all Olympic steel made in China”.Today, let us vote for your favorite steel company, which will provide a continuous backup for the Winter Olympics!(Voting will continue until midnight, February 9, 2022).Throw for love, throw for what you love!Please cast your precious 1 vote!Thank you for your support!Let’s witness the spirit of the Olympic Games in the name of steel.Let’s cheer for China (Beijing, Zhangjiakou) and cheer for the world!He also wished the Games every success.Welcome to vote and leave a message for your favorite steel enterprises!