The sixth year of the tiger warm blessing SMS statement blessing daquan, the sixth morning good blessing expression pictures

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The sixth day of the first month, send you double blessing.May you fly wing to wing with your lover, may you and your loved ones live long and prosper, may you and your friends gain fame and fortune, may you and nobles in pairs, let the good things in pairs, happiness forever, happy for a long time, happy for a long time!Good morning!The sixth day of the first month, to meet the poor;Garbage cleaning, bad luck removal;Indoor cleaning, welcome fortune;Burn incense, worship god, pray for Italy;Firecrackers and fireworks, to ward off evil.I wish you a happy New Year, smooth!Is the sixth year came, happiness sharp can not be blocked;Laughter, together good lively;Worry sad all throw, sweet good luck often embrace;Good luck ankang smooth, healthy and happy to old.Wish the sixth happy reunion!The sixth day of the lunar New Year arrived, wish you: living a lively mood, a year of prosperous days, burning a peng full of hope, create a golden future.I wish you a world of happiness and good luck.Happy sixth day of the year.I wish you smooth sailing, two dragons takeoff, three Yang Kaitai, four seasons peace, five blessings, 66 dashun, seven stars, eight party to wealth, 99 concentric, perfect, prosperous, thousands of auspicious, all the best!Today is the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, everything goes well!In this happy day, WISH you, career, the peak of the day, health, spotless, business, highly profitable, journey, bon voyage, I wish you in the New Year, everything is smooth!Today is the sixth day of the first month, 66 dashun day!In this vibrant day, WISH you: career future shun, heaven and earth friendship shun, emotional love shun, family harmony shun, shun baishun, plain sailing, 66 dashun, everything shun!Today is the sixth day of the lunar New Year.In this special day, I wish you, work smoothly, great achievements, friends eye, yiboyuntian, lovers, lovers lingering, life, good luck, I wish you in the New Year, shun to the end!The sixth day of the first month send poor day, send away the poor life, send away the poor feelings, send away the poor cause, send away all the poor, meet the rich life, meet the rich feelings, meet the rich cause, meet all the rich!May the New Year be rich and always be with you!The sixth day of the first month to send the poor, the most beautiful blessing to send you, may smooth: good luck and good health with auspicious, trouble all sad run;Poverty difficulties disappeared, happy happy ha ha laugh.On the sixth day of the first month, I wish you happiness in the Year of the Tiger.