The enlightenment of Jiang Ge case: telling children to stay away from “bad friends” is the bottom line of life

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Five years, 1,896 days and nights!Jiang Ge case verdict!Although waiting for a long time, but let us see the selfishness of human nature is not evil.On January 10, 2022, jiang Ge’s father Jiang Qiulian sued Liu Xin for violating his daughter Jiang Ge’s right to life, health and physical rights.Liu xin will pay 696,000 yuan in compensation and bear all the costs of accepting the case.Jiang Ge’s mother said to her daughter: mom did it.Back more than five years ago, on November 3, 2016, the murder of Jiang Ge, a female student studying in Japan, shocked the whole society.Female students studying in Japan Tokyo Chinese song jiang brutally killed by his friend giano’s boyfriend, as the murderer was arrested, the public has not weakened the attention to the case, “jiang song” has become the hot topic of people never put down over the last two years You hot not cruel criminals, but another key character case, the victim jiang song friends girlfriends,Also criminal Chen Shifeng’s ex-girlfriend —- Liu Xin.Because Liu Xin and criminal Chen Shifeng have affection dispute precisely, Liu Xin to avoid pester, move to the residence of Jiang Ge, Chen Shifeng finds here, just bring about Jiang Ge to be killed ruthlessly.Chilling is, when Jiang Geyu is killed, Liu Xin is in the room, she will be about to enter the Door of jiang Ge out of the door, and will lock the door to lead to Jiang Ge for help without a door, by Chen Shifeng stabbed more than 10 knives, cruel murdered.Chen Shifeng was sentenced to 20 years, but what about Liu Xin, who caused the tragedy?Is she really “innocent”?Jiang Ge mother is cold, his daughter was killed, leading to the tragedy of the case of the key figure Liu Xin jiang Ge but no apology and remorse, and even in the court for themselves to do completely innocent defense, claiming that he did not close the door, will pass the responsibility of clean.His beloved child is murdered because of a girl cruel, but the other party not only ungrateful, still shirk his responsibility completely, try to ask which a mother can accept such a result?Jiang Ge is murdered, the mother of Jiang Ge bears the pain of huge bereavement female alone, but Liu Xin did not show a little comfort and distressed, return oneself malicious upgrade even, say “Jiang Ge life is short” this kind of vicious words extremely.We can’t imagine how jiang Ge’s mother suffered in her heart during the nearly 2,000 days and nights.At no time should we underestimate the love and strength of a mother.Even if everything, fight this life also want to let the heart have no regret, in order to get justice for her daughter.This great mother, after nearly two thousand days of unremitting efforts and suffering, finally won justice for her daughter, tore off the mask of the bad guys, let her daughter wait for fair treatment.Never underestimate the determination of a mother willing to do everything for her children, children are not only a mother’s weakness, love for children is also a mother’s armor.We often complain about the injustice of fate.But fate is not easy, but malice always comes home to roost.In spite of the locked door of her friends, the casuistry and lies in the face of the mass media, and the malicious humiliation in the face of Jiang Ge’s mother, Now Liu Xin has been punished and condemned for all her evil deeds, and all these have become the shame of her life.Jiang’s case illustrates the great power of a mother, but it also gives us a wake-up call as parents – teach children to stay away from bad friends.If Jiang Ge could see liu Xin’s bottom line clearly, she might avoid a painful tragedy.Raising children is never easy. Being a parent is hard work.We strive to meet the children’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, strive to improve their educational environment, strive to give children with wings to fly, but also give children solid armor, tell them the danger of the world, give them the ability to protect themselves and the awareness of keeping away from harm.Teach your children how to stay away from “bad friends” to avoid being taken advantage of.There is a famous saying in the classic educational masterpiece “The Precepts of Zhu Zi” : “Even if voluptuousness is small, you will be tired by it for a long time;When qu Zhi is old, we can depend on each other in a hurry.”This classic educational saying means that if we keep close contact with misbehaving people over time, we are bound to get involved with them. If we keep company with well-behaved and knowledgeable people, they will certainly help us when we are in an emergency.Jiang Ge and Liu Xin are the student that studies abroad in Japan together, because be fellow townie again then the relation is very good, development becomes boudoir even honey, but be such “poison boudoir honey” the life that gave jiang Ge to ruin, let a happy family family perish.As children grow up, they will slowly away from the parents, enter the society, friends became the children in the important part of life, but the child who made, speculation and who, and who go too close, parents really can’t understand, cannot grasp, then when children are young give their ability of talented people, beware of a misdemeanor, away from the toxic friends,Avoid their own innocent implicated injury.There is a saying in ji shi, the Analects of Confucius, “There are three good friends.There are three bad friends.Friends then open, friendly soft, friends 侫.”This wise saying means that there are three kinds of friends worth making: those who are upright, those who are honest and generous, and those who are eager to learn and knowledgeable.And there are three kinds of bad friends we should keep away from: those who are used to crooked ways, those who are good at flattery, and those who are always used to honey-tongued, are all men of bad conduct, and should be kept away.Tell your child to stay away from these bad friends.Stay away from people who hold you back and lead you astray.David’s father has discovered that since he started secondary school, he has always been tired and unable to get out of bed in the morning.Is always out of spirits during the day, just beginning to feel the child may be learning pressure big, later, a closer examination reveals the issue, the original children in the class met a “person”, jia jia and became good friends, all together, but jia jia is a “problem juvenile” always with Beckham’s drinking and smoking, skipping classes to play the game until midnight.At the beginning, Becks still resisted, but Jia Jia always laughed at him for being a coward, a kid.In jia Jia’s instigation and sneer pressure, xiao Bei also began to deviate slowly.Jia Jia’s parents immediately after the discovery of the transfer procedures for Jia Jia, and accompany Jia Jia from school to school, patient guidance to Jia Jia.Finally let Jia Jia away from the “bad friend” xiao Bei let their study and life into the right track.A child who meets a toxic friend is bound to pick up some bad habits from that friend, and in the long run, it’s important to stay away from that friend in order to get his life on track and not get involved.2. Stay away from negative friends.As an old saying goes, you are as good as you get. If you surround yourself with lazy, negative people, who are full of complaints, worries, prejudices, and greed, you are bound to be influenced and affected by them.The murderer Chen Shifeng in jiang Ge case is one is full of revenge, the heart is full of “evil” person, and liu Xin is handled badly because of his private feelings, actually give all contradictions to Jiang Ge processing, let Jiang Ge do her shield.Both of them are classic negative friends.3. Stay away from people who have no boundaries.They often can not abide by the boundaries of interpersonal communication, like to violate boundaries, arbitrarily intervene in other people’s lives, interfere in other people’s affairs, infringe on others’ privacy, and even arbitrarily dominate and control others.Or very dependent on others, life and work always rely on others to help, do not care about each other’s feelings, take advantage of others’ kindness, soft control of others’ life.Just like Liu Xin in this case, she took advantage of Jiang Ge’s kindness, begged for mercy, took herself in, and dumped all the problems and dangers she encountered on Jiang Ge, resulting in Jiang Ge’s death.If your child meets such a friend, you must tell your child to dare to say no and stay away from such a bad friend.Let children understand to help others must be within their own ability, learn to protect their own people, to do there is a bottom line and boundaries.Do not cross the border, otherwise you will make no effort to please, or even get into trouble.Parents are the strength of their children’s life and should give them armor enough to protect themselves.It is also a kind of safety education to guide and teach children to have a pair of eyes to distinguish bad friends and stay away from toxic friends.Pictures are from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete!