Micro card raptor, more powerful size widened, sell 50 thousand chang ‘an Star card PLUS how strong?

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Last year, the micro card market ushered in 600,000 new car sales, although the increment is still not accelerating, but in this segment of the market has evolved a new ecosystem: larger micro cards with super carrying capacity, is gradually eating into the market share of small micro cards.In other words, the future microcard market will be dominated by large microcards.In 2021, the market share of large microcards will be close to 34%, and in 2022, with more new products, the figure will be close to 40%.For more microcard consumers, those large microcards with larger size, stronger power and more suitable for urban transport needs must be the first choice to buy a car.Completely different from ordinary passenger cars, the consumer demands of microcards are that they can be loaded, flexible and convenient, and have a low price and certain entertainment. From the current point of view, there are very few such comprehensive models in the microcard market.A while ago micro card on the market for a new car, very has the value of market analysis, long nk cheng launched a typical large micro card, listed on the new 49900-63900, changan star card PLUS pricing in 5-60000 yuan price range has strong competitiveness, according to the current product information, it is able to smooth down annexation of medium-sized and small micro card market,It’s gonna take a bite out of the van market.Because for more users, this new Changan Star card PLUS can solve many of their car pain points, new technology, more material, larger engine, more reasonable size, can attract them.The reason why large microcards are attractive is that users can buy the size and carrying capacity of ordinary pickup trucks with the budget of microcards, which is very suitable for commercial use and attractive to car owners. After all, the car use scene of microcards is very pure production value.However, the city is either limited in width or height, so the size should be designed on the basis of not affecting daily traffic.Its body size of 5360*1780*1995mm exceeds that of its peers, its height of less than two meters perfectly avoids most 2.2-meter height limits, and its body width of 1780mm has reached the standard of mainstream compact SUVs.The body length of 5360mm is destined to make the cargo compartment size of Changan Star Card PLUS very large, with single row reaching 3320mm length and double row 2600mm length, which is the largest cargo compartment data in the field of microcards at present.Large space is a prerequisite for strong cargo pulling capacity, and changan Star card PLUS is reasonably large, the city car will not be subject to all kinds of restrictions, even in and out of the basement is completely free of pressure.In fact, due to the cost limitation, the materials used in many microcards are actually a little bit broken, resulting in many users buying microcards but unable to load a lot of goods, so it is meaningless to buy microcards if they cannot maximize the value.The reason why Changan Star PLUS has such a large size and carrying space is to carry out the “can load” to the end.Therefore, Changan Kacheng has carried out various optimization. For example, the cargo compartment bar height of Changan Star Card PLUS reaches 38cm, which is higher than the general large micro cards, in order to be able to hold more things.If you load too many things, you need thicker steel plates to support them. After all, the most sarcastic point of microcard users in the past is that “it doesn’t feel durable”, and they dare not load too many things after using it for several years.Chang ‘an Star Card PLUS has a deeper understanding of loading: it not only requires more materials for containers, but also requires more chassis architecture. Because micro-card users often travel fully, they need more sense of security. The biggest beneficiary of “excessive use of materials” and “excessive design” is consumers.”With 280mm reinforcement can meet the NATIONAL standard, Changan Star card PLUS prefer to use 340mm reinforcement, is to let users use a few more years, a little more goods”.Chang ‘an Star card PLUS container side plate, the maximum thickness of the tail version is 51.8mm, which is thicker than many large micro cards, at the same time using 338*86mm size reinforcement, this is the most willing to feed the micro card I have seen, is running to the pickup truck.At the same time, the chassis also uses 2 vertical and 10 horizontal bending frame design, through the longitudinal beam is not only thicker, but also wider size, to ensure the basic rigidity characteristics of the full load body structure without deformation.In fact, it all comes down to one point: the role of micro card is to pull goods, the long-term characteristics of the goods are doomed to excellent micro card must spare no effort to invest in the size of the cargo compartment, steel plate materials, at present, Chang ‘an Star Card PLUS is indeed a benchmark.It can be installed and run. If one of the two advantages is missing, it is also a problem that one cannot run. Therefore, Chang ‘an Star Card PLUS uses an engine with larger displacement.The 1.6L and 1.8L engines are available. In fact, I prefer the 1.8L “high displacement version” for two reasons. First, it comes from a higher engine, with a maximum power of 102kW and a maximum torque of 180nm.Manual transmission, the engine matching love and trust will be a reliable, long-term high load test is durable and stable operation, the advantages of the 1.8 L engine, obviously, in the daily use of torque at low speed, high speed power reserve more sufficient and daily maintenance of lower cost, higher reliability several advantages, is very important for a production tool.In fact, if the budget is enough, I would prefer to choose this 1.8L version.In the past, the micro card market has always paid little attention to comfort. The main reason is that it is impossible to produce more comfortable products due to the cost limitation. In essence, it is still the previous enterprise’s inability.Changan Star Card PLUS as a new design model, fully consider the user’s comfort and daily use experience, so the seat design is more reasonable, and intelligent technology is also well implanted in it.For example, in terms of intelligence, it is equipped with a 10.2-inch larger central control screen, implanted with the projection system of Android and Apple systems, and the added connected system is more playable.Meanwhile, the charging interface has been upgraded. The charging efficiency of 2.1a has reached the speed of the current mainstream shared charging bank, which is enough to solve the problem of slow charging.The most critical is as a size of more than 5 meters 3 “large car”, reversing, parking has always been the pain point of users, the original factory equipped with reversing image, reversing radar can perfect solve these problems, at least when working convenience is better.In fact, these configurations are hard to see in the past micro card, Chang ‘an Star card PLUS is not only open users pain points, but also for the micro card industry to do a demonstration effect.Of course, chang ‘an Star Card PLUS has also made great efforts in the optimization of ride experience. The front seat can be adjusted to an Angle of 20 degrees, and the seat is better wrapped, supporting and comfortable enough for daily use. At the same time, it also takes care of the ride experience of the back seat, compared with the non-adjustable design of the general micro-card back seat.The rear seats of Changan Star PLUS have an adjustment range of 15 degrees, and the tilt Angle can be made larger, fully taking care of the experience of rear passengers under limited design conditions.It can be seen that compared with the past micro card, the daily ride experience of Chang ‘an Star Card PLUS will not make users suffer so much.In general, Changan Star PLUS is more attractive to users as a product with low price and completely subvert the existing micro card impression in all aspects.After all, this is a new microcard developed, designed and built for the current market situation, so we can see a lot of differences in this car, such as more material cargo compartment, such as more cost-effective chassis strength performance, and more intelligent cockpit and more comfortable ride experience.These product forces will make this Changan Star PLUS card more attractive in the micro card field.Some people call Chang ‘an Star Card PLUS a raptor in the field of micro cards, with more power, larger size, better strength, and more subversive significance. The wide-body power large micro card is indeed worthy of its name.