Leading the new development of digital economy model Digital video cave one Yuan dian signed a contract with Guohua Group, GGAC Wuxia Yuan Universe

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On April 2, 2022, the offline signing ceremony of Digital Video’s Dong Yiyuandian platform, Guohua Group and GGAC Wuxia Yuan Universe was successfully completed.The three parties will give full play to their advantages in technology, operation, scene construction, content creation and other fields to jointly build an ecological scene of “Wuxia Meta-universe” combining online and offline with full business development.And digital collection as the carrier, to create a new business model of content dissemination, IP authorization, false and real.On February 22, 2022, dong Yiyuan Dian digital collection platform and GGAC jointly issued the “Legend of Xia Mo” series of collections, based on high-quality digital content, to open the plot as a clue, to create a phenomenon of digital collection projects, lit the digital collection field of hundreds of thousands of users to participate in the enthusiasm.The signing ceremony of three parties, will extend the spiderman ink transfer together business, issue in digital collection and plot to create Wu Xiayuan create the universe, to kill, games, film and television script and IP licensing four matrix to realize the combination of online and offline scenarios, and jointly create a label top influential martial arts culture, make the yuan the universe is no longer a digital art,It can be transformed into a value system that actually exists.Hole one classical Canon co-founder Wang Peiying lady said, “the man biography of ink and IP application and its derivative the ground scene, started with the Chinese culture unique characteristics” Wu Xiayuan universe “, and relying on the issue of digital collection and operating, let all fans to participate in and create man man ink ink transfer IP development and evolution, but also will Web3.0 and the organic combination of traditional culture,It will bring new and more diversified gameplay to The Legend of Chivalry and lead the development of the domestic digital collection industry.Ms. Zhang Mulan, CHIEF operating officer of GGAC, said that 2021 is the first year of digital collection, GGAC began to explore the new track of digital collection at the first time, accumulated strong experience in the whole process of planning, operation, production, promotion, agency, r&d and so on. It is one of the top digital art brands in China and will be involved in more fields in the future.For example, games, film and television, animation, handcrafts, art collections, exhibitions, etc., GGAC will join hands with Dong Yiyuan Dian and Guohua Group to implement the IP incubation of “Legend of Xia Mo” and the application of its derivative scenes.Liu Chuanlin, the person in charge of the one-yuan code platform, looks forward to the wuxia yuan Universe. Digital collection is a voucher, an identity, and an honor. Holding your favorite digital collection and communicating with friends who have the same hobbies are now the social and life style of young people.Dong Yiyuan Dian team will explore from the direction, business penetration until value landing. The linkage with Guohua Group and GGAC is not only the first attempt in the industry, but also lays a foundation for the future construction of a full-scene immersive meta-universe.Guohua group executive director ms TaoLei introduces guohua in yuan long-term layout of the development of the universe, said the group in the yuan the universe offline entertainment scene construction, yuan node construction is the foundation of the universe thus achieve yuan, the collaboration via digital collection and preach the IP man ink, would transmit the spiderman ink line script kill venues for the new flow highland.Developed a three-way “spiderman ink transfer” strategy signing ceremony, the man biography of ink will be China’s yuan universe top lead to taste, to continuous innovation and play breakthrough constantly refreshed state the definition of digital collection, to break the digital dimensional wall with the real world, the three tripartite confrontation combined with, multi-dimensional cooperation is committed to creating more domestic top digital product benchmarking,To lead the development of China’s new digital economy model.[Photo by Permission of Wang Chuxia