It’s not that hard to have a repository of knowledge

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Knowledge storage = raw materials + semi-finished products + finished products In this era of rapid update, how to keep the status in line with the current changes of The Times becomes more important.Despite the increasing abundance of knowledge products in this era, the biggest problem for most people is still not enough accumulation.Performance for reading too little, or reading too miscellaneous.How to get the maximum benefit with the least amount of time and energy is the problem at hand.It would be nice to have a treasure chest where you could take whatever you wanted.1. What specific information does the Treasure box need?The treasure box can be divided into three categories in storage: raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products.Raw materials: primary information, such as classic books, academic literature, industry reports and so on, which is the basic semi-finished product of internal information citation: secondary information, processed based on primary information, such as reading explanation, interactive question and answer, data analysis:Third hand information, access to the first two information with personal emotional expression of the content, such as public account, short video, solution these three kinds of storage can be traded, we also need to know the applicable boundaries of these three types.Raw materials: complex, not easy to understand, but as a fundamental, stable, can be applied to any scene semi-finished products: after a certain processing, understanding requires a certain cost, but can build models, mass production of finished products:These three types form a knowledge storage system, and also correspond to three types of people in the commercial society: producers, distributors and disseminators.Based on these judgments, we can know what we are doing when we store a class of things.A lot of people say to read classics, because this is the origin of everything, can be through the origin of content, once and for all.It is indeed a good way, but reading classics is not for everyone to absorb.How to read the classics?To read classics, you should first read the environment you are in, and then read the person. Everyone behaves differently in different environments. Finally, you should read the parts that you feel deeply about.This method is not limited to reading classics, but also can be used to watch videos, make friends and do things, because everyone has emotions, and whatever can make him move will also affect others.How to Maintain a Treasure Chest In order to keep something new, you need to update it regularly.Is it true that everything must be the latest? In fact, it is not. For example, the classical content from ancient times to today, that is, raw materials, has been the origin of the world.For semi-finished products and finished products, it needs to be updated regularly, especially the content of finished products, which needs to change with the changes of users.This point is also a lot of people prone to make mistakes, for the past collection of content not to be copied and attracted, the mistake of thinking that collection is to learn, books at home on behalf of absorption.How often is it updated?For frequent and fast updates, it is recommended to check the current knowledge storage every day;Weekly inventory, monthly inventory and annual inventory can be carried out for contents that are not updated frequently.Such a renewal approach is the same as the need for regular inventory checks in the business community to adapt to market demand.What is the content of knowledge storage? Everyone needs to store raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products effectively according to personal ability, and update and iterate regularly, so that everyone can have a treasure chest of knowledge base.Make the best products