10-year-old programmer uses technology to ‘light up the dawn of transportation connectivity’

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A famous child psychologist once said;”When a child in a group of children, the child on the smart, simple, lovely, kind of these advantages, will at ordinary times double growth.”Peers can be an amazing catalyst for a child’s development.So when the finalists of the 2021FCC smart maker of the future innovation competition gather together, what stories do they have to share with us?Let’s follow the camera into the child’s story…Age: 10 School: Grade 5 of The Fifth Experimental Primary School, Xiang ‘an District, XiamenCreative programming games runners-up 2021 FCC (primary sections) 10-year-old girl programming with science and technology “light traffic connected dawn” “primary sections of the children and I almost big, feel they are very strong, if I can study in the early programming, may be even worse than they are, ha, ha, ha,” said the 10 year-old little girl happily.Her name is Liu Xinyi, xiamen City xiang ‘an District fifth experimental primary school fifth grade students, speaking of and programming affinity, is also full of randomness, from her mother showed her a few audition classes, the results spiralling out of control, she fell in love with programming, embarked on the path of learning programming.When the school opened a programming club in the fourth grade, she was the first one to sign up for the club and began to learn programming knowledge in depth.Now that you have learned, you have to use it.In the final of this year’s FCC Future Smart Maker Innovation Competition, we saw this optimistic and cheerful girl. According to the programming theme of the final “Future Travel”, she came up with the idea of making an autonomous driving work of her own.At the beginning of the competition, it was relatively smooth, and her internal logic and thinking were relatively clear. However, when it came to the specific application, there was a problem of making a choice. Because of the tight competition time, it was difficult to make a fully functional automatic driving according to my own ideas, so I decided to make a framework first…However, this did not limit her creative play or stop her pace of progress. Her work was recognized by expert judges and won the runner-up of primary school group of creative programming competition in the final of 2021FCC future intelligent makers innovation competition. Due to the epidemic, other provinces and cities except Shanghai participated in online competition.So the child’s parents witnessed the whole process of their child participating in the event.In response, Xinyi’s mother said, “It was my child who decided on the theme of the work, conceived the frame of the work and entered the competition by himself.During the whole process, my child has grown up a lot. She not only understands trade-offs, but also her own limitations. Most importantly, she has a better understanding of her own position and an objective view of her own ability.This competition has also given Xinyi a lot of confidence. She hopes to participate in such competitions more often in the future to test her learning and broaden her horizon. Of course, she can also meet more friends who love programming like her.The Fifth Experimental Primary School, xiangan District, Xiamen city, was established in February 2018 by the merger of Shanting and Tingyang Schools. It is a school affiliated to the district.School motto: Honesty, Yi yue learning, realistic and innovative;School spirit: clean, quiet, respectful, competitive;Teaching style: Chongde, dedication, diligence, erudite;Style of study: happy, cooperative, confident and enterprising.Honors: “Standard School for Campus Construction”;The first “window schools” in the district;District “Advanced Young Pioneers collective”;District “Civilized School”;District “Safe Campus”;Through the district “quality education education level”, “provincial rural primary and secondary schools qualified schools”, “municipal language and character model schools”, “municipal compulsory education standardized schools” evaluation.