Wang Ping, who defeated Zhang He and Wei Yan in history, belongs to what level in the romance of The Three Kingdoms

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Speaking of the generals of Shu Han during The Three Kingdoms period, many people may first think of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan and so on.However, although Wang Ping was not as famous as the others above, he was also a very important general in the later period of Shu Han.At the battle of Jieting, Wang Ping had scared Off Zhang He with suspicious tactics. Later, at the battle of Lu City, Wang Ping tightly guarded his camp and defeated Zhang He again.After The death of Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan rebelled. Wang Ping (now renamed He Ping) was ordered to quell the rebellion and defeated Wei Yan.Later, when Wang Ping was defending Hanzhong, Cao Shuang attacked Shu with an army of more than 100, 000. Wang Ping also made up his mind to take the initiative to attack and guard the danger, so that the Wei army could not advance an acre. Finally, he cooperated with the shu army to defeat the Wei army.Zhang He and Wei Yan were both famous generals of that time. Wang Ping was able to defeat them.In the romance, Although Wang Ping appeared late and played less parts, his performance was also very good.Wang Ping appeared in the seventy-first episode of The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, during the hanzhong war between Liu Bei and Cao Cao.After Liu Bei entered the west of the Han River, Cao Cao ordered Xu Huang to lead his troops to meet liu Bei.General Wang Ping of Yamen, who was from Hanzhong and knew geography well, volunteered to join xu Huang as deputy general.When they reached the Han River, Xu huang ordered his former troops to cross the river and set up a line at the back of the river. Wang Ping was afraid that he would be attacked and could not retreat, so he spoke out against it.Xu Huang did not want to be headstrong, did not listen, ordered Wang Ping to guard the camp with soldiers, he insisted on crossing the river with cavalry.As Wang Ping had expected, Xu Huang was defeated by Zhao Yun and Huang Zhong after crossing the river.After Xu Huang returned to the camp, he did not reflect on his hasty invasion and defeat. Instead, he scolded Wang Ping for not sending troops to rescue him and threatened to behead him.In a rage, Wang Ping led his troops to join the Shu army and worked for the Shu Han group from then on.The first time Wang Ping went to war was in the Battle of Yongchang, when Zhuge Liang invaded the south.Yue 嶲 governor Gao Ding’s general E Huan was known as a brave man. Zhuge Liang lured him into the shu army. Wang Ping, Wei Yan and Zhang Yi joined forces to capture e Huan alive.In zhuge Liang’s expedition to the north, Wang Ping was active. He captured xiahou Mou, the head of the Wei army, in the battle of Nan ‘an, and collaborated with Zhang Yi to defeat Jiang Wei in the battle of Jicheng.In the battle of Jieting, When Sima Yi and Zhang He besieged Ma Su on the mountain, Wang Ping came to his rescue with troops and horses. After fighting Zhang He for dozens of rounds, he was defeated because he was “poor and lonely”.However, Wang remained calm and waited for his chance with the defeated army.When Ma Su was besieged, Wang Ping led his troops to kill him and rescued him.Later, Wei Yan, Gao Xiang and Wang Ping joined forces to recover Jie Ting and failed. When Wei Gao and Wei Gao were besieged, Wang Ping led troops to rescue them.When Zhuge Liang besieged Chencang in his second northern expedition, Cao Zhen ordered Wang Shuang to come to his rescue.Wang Ping, Liao Hua and Zhang Yi went to battle together.Zhang Yi and Wang Shuang engaged in a battle and was wounded by a secret device. Therefore, Wang Ping and Liao Hua together repelled Wang Shuang and saved Zhang Yi.Zhuge Liang left Qishan for the sixth time. During the confrontation with Sima Yi, Wang Ping was ordered to plunder grain and killed The Zhenyuan general Cen Wei with a single sword, which was the first and last record of his life.As can be seen from the above, Wang Ping fought with others most of the time. He only had two serious fights. One was Jie Ting’s defeat to Zhang He and the other was Cen Wei.Although Wang Ping was defeated by Zhang He, he held on for dozens of rounds.In the romance, if there is a level difference between the martial arts of two generals, it basically takes thirty or fifty rounds to determine the outcome, while there is a level difference between two generals, then it takes about ten rounds to determine the outcome.Judging from wang Ping’s performance, his martial arts should be only one level lower than Zhang He.In addition, Wang Ping and Zhang Yi jointly defeated Jiang Wei. Jiang Wei was a rare master in the later period of The Three Kingdoms. Even Zhao Yun praised his marksmanship.Although Wang Ping is not in the single pick will beat him, but this performance is also good.Generally speaking, Wang Ping ranks high among the second-rate generals, roughly equivalent to Gao Shun and Ma Dai, etc., and should still be above the ban.Even in the early, also can row on the number, not to say in the general will mostly wither in the late.In addition, Wang Ping was good at using troops and could make correct suggestions in every battle. He was a rare general who possessed both wisdom and courage.