Tsai’s office responded to the fake paper by saying, “It is true,” but it was revealed

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China’s Taiwan network – Feb. 10 For all suspected of fraud, Ph.D. Dissertation, tsai ing-wen, previously for revealing “Dr” tsai ing-wen, false is wanted in Taiwan authorities of the island’s senior media person Dennis weng-jeng peng, national Taiwan university professor emeritus He Defen, professor and us-based Lin Huan wall, 9 at the scene of the island’s legislature to combine video way held a press conference,DPP authority leader Tsai Ing-wen once again questioned the authenticity of papers and academic credentials, accusing Tsai ing-wen of using fake degrees to cheat teachers in Taiwan.The trio stressed that the University of London’s allegation that they did not know where the paper was was laughable.Peng Wenzheng, a senior media person on the island, is wanted by Taiwan authorities for exposing “fake Dr. Tsai Ing-wen” in the United States.According to Taiwan media reports, university of London had earlier in February 3, during the Spring Festival, on its website issued a statement, no signature and the date, tsai ing-wen, claim to have his doctoral degree, but also pointed out that “although it is unclear whether the copy stored in university library, but it has nothing to do with Dr Chua’s doctoral degree, the doctoral degree is awarded the” right.In response, peng Wenzheng, Lin Huanqiang and He Defen, three professors who have been tracking Tsai’s “thesis gate” for a long time, held an international press conference at the legislature on September 9.The University of London’s claim that they did not know where the paper was?It’s very funny.If The University of London, as a century-old university, wants to humiliate itself, we cannot stop it. The problem is that Tsai Ing-wen has cheated the teaching staff with fake degrees and broken Taiwan’s laws, making Taiwan lose face to the world. Therefore, it needs to make a formal announcement to the international community.In addition, Lin Huanqiang and Peng Wenzheng in the United States also via video link, respectively in English statement, that the University of London and the London School of Economics and Political Science for nearly 40 years of degree fraud, have no intention to tell the truth to the world, “this is very sad thing”, not only academic trampling, but also harm to justice.According to Taiwan media, In response to peng Wenzheng, Lin Huanqiang and He Defen’s doubts, Zhang Dun Han, a spokesman for Tsai Ing-wen’s office, said that “it is not true”, Tsai Ing-wen’s office and the University of London have repeatedly proved that Tsai obtained her doctorate through rigorous procedures.Zhang Dun Han, a spokesman for Tsai’s office, responded by Shouting, “I can’t really believe it.”In 2013, the media also reported that the son of a south Asian country’s political leader did not receive a degree from the London School of Economics (LSE). As a result, the LSE denied it at first, but after being continuously exposed by the media, it urgently admitted its mistake!Peng further pointed out, “None of the three LIBRARIES of the University of London has the doctoral dissertation that you, Miss Chua, claimed to have handed in in 1984. Is this rigorous?”In response to the growing controversy over “essays,” Zhang Yazhong, the principal of Taiwan Sun Arts School, announced on social media on Tuesday that he would hold an art and literature contest called “Essays Suhozhen” (tsai Ing-wen’s “Essay Gate” challenge). If you win the most popular prize, in addition to a prize worth nt $10,000,You can also have dinner with Peng Wenzheng and Zhang Yazhong.Zhang explained that the competition can be presented by drama, music, dance, opera, musical, crosstalk, puppet show and other forms, and the selected performers will perform on the open-air bandstand in Taipei Da ‘an Forest Park, while overseas participants will broadcast the competition directly on the Internet.Professor Zhang yazhong held a contest to find fault with Tsai Ing-wen’s essay gate.”Great!Professor Peng Wenzheng and President Zhang Yazhong come on!””It’s great to get involved!” and “Finally, it’s happening!”(Wang Siyu, China Taiwan Network)