Shaanxi Spring Festival ski tickets increased 85% year on year

2022-07-28 0 By

During the Spring Festival of the Tiger, thousands of Chinese are heading to ski resorts, and the ski market is hot this spring.Data from Ctrip, a one-stop travel platform, showed that search heat for “Winter Olympics” increased 200 percent on Feb 4.Orders for ski tickets in Shaanxi rose 85 percent year-on-year in the first three days of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival.Three days before the Lunar New Year, ski resorts such as Baekluwon ski Resort, Zhaojin International ski Resort and Cuihua Mountain ski resort are popular.In addition, enjoy the snow during the day, stay in hotels at night, soak in hot springs, enjoy health and happy New Year, has become the Spring Festival holiday the most appropriate cultural travel consumption new trend.According to Ctrip, the order volume of ski hotels in the first three days of the Spring Festival rose 52% year on year, and hotel per capita spending rose 13% year on year.Ctrip is being held in the Spring Festival hi play festival also poke in the ski upsurge, related skiing products good performance.With the arrival of the Winter Olympics, there is also a wave of skiing fever in China.Contents such as “group skiing” and “snow punch card” appear frequently in moments of friends and major strategy apps, and ski-related industries are gradually heating up.This winter, the number of notes on the topic of skiing on Ctrip community increased by 75% compared to last year, and the topics of # first skiing experience, # good skiing place, and # first skiing in my life were the most popular.At the same time, ctrip community, xiaohongshu and other guidebook travel search platforms of high-quality skiing content, also promote the broken circle of skiing, attracted a lot of “snow circle sister” to clock.Women account for more than half of the ski tickets booked on Ctrip’s platform, with the number of female users registering for the New Year of the Tiger up 38 percent year on year.This year’s Spring Festival indoor ski resort is also popular, during the Spring Festival through Ctrip booking indoor ski resort order volume increased every day, every ten ski users, two will go indoor skiing.Guangzhou Sunac Snow World, Chengdu Sunac Snow World, Wuxi Sunac Snow World, Window of the World — Alpine Snow World, Shaoxing Qiaobo Ski World and other Spring Festival events are very popular.With the popularity of ice and snow tourism, the number of users from small white to professional is increasing year by year.In 2021, for example, the number of users who spent two or more days in ski resorts increased by 180% compared with 2019.On Ctrip, more than 70 percent of “skiers” will buy skiing products again, and the number of in-depth skiing fans keeps increasing.During the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, many ski tourists choose to hire professional instructors, which cost around 100 to 1,000 yuan an hour.Driven by the continued enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics and the rapid popularity of snow sports, skiing has become the most fashionable way to open the Spring Festival.