Notice on strengthening screening and management of inbound and outbound travelers from key epidem-affected areas

2022-07-28 0 By

At present, the epidemic situation in China is numerous, widespread and frequent. In some areas, the epidemic situation is still developing and the risk of spillover is high. In particular, the city has recently found confirmed CASES of COVID-19 among people who have come to or returned from other places.In order to effectively prevent imported goods from abroad, the following circulations are hereby issued: 1. All inbound and outbound personnel must present a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours upon arrival, and complete another nucleic acid test within 24 hours after entry.2. “Communication Big Data Travel Card” Entry (return) personnel marked with “*” shall undergo free nucleic acid testing at the exit of the entry channel, complete information registration, strictly implement 7-day home health monitoring, and take two nucleic acid tests during the period.If there are no conditions for home health monitoring, the local headquarters shall take corresponding control measures according to the actual work.Since March 15, all people entering or returning from Shanghai, Jilin and other key areas affected by the epidemic will be given a yellow code and quarantined for 7 days plus health monitoring at home for 7 days. Nucleic acid tests will be conducted every other day, and the last nucleic acid test will be double sampling and double testing.If there are no conditions for home health monitoring, the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters shall take corresponding control measures based on the actual work.4. Within 14 days, people coming from medium-risk areas or whose health code is “yellow” shall be quarantined for 7 days for medical observation and 7 days for health monitoring at home. Nucleic acid test shall be conducted every other day during this period, and the last nucleic acid test shall be “double sampling and double testing”.If health monitoring conditions are not available at home, effective local control and prevention measures should be taken to reduce the risk of local transmission caused by imported cases from outside the province.Fifth, strengthen the management of “red code” personnel.Those who come from high-risk areas or whose health code is “red code” within 14 days shall be quarantined for medical observation for 14 days. Nucleic acid tests shall be conducted every other day during this period. The last nucleic acid test shall be “double sampling and double testing”.6. In railway stations, high-speed railway stations, passenger stations, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, restaurants, Internet cafes, KTV, bars, public bathrooms, chess and card rooms, natatorium and other public places, special personnel shall be assigned to check health codes and travel cards, monitor body temperature, and implement ventilation and disinfection, wear masks and other measures.For taxi, mesh about cars, buses, public transport, such as high iron to strictly carry out the inspection health code, travel card, the implementation of the ventilation and disinfection, urged wearing masks, once found that the “code red” “yellow code” or “communications data travel card” with “*” mark, should immediately report to the local epidemic prevention and control command, or by calling 110 call.Public places whose epidemic prevention and control responsibilities are not fully implemented will be closed for rectification in accordance with laws and regulations, and those with yellow or red codes or “*” marks who should have registered but failed to do so will be severely investigated for the responsibility of the business owners and responsible units.7. Give full support to the prevention and control efforts in key areas across the country, and urge all citizens not to travel to medium-high risk areas unless necessary.Those who violate epidemic prevention and control measures, refuse to fulfill epidemic prevention and control obligations, disrupt order in public places, endanger public security, or hinder government personnel from performing their duties according to law will be investigated for legal responsibility according to relevant laws and regulations.Viii. The above notice will be implemented immediately, and we will make dynamic adjustments according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control in different regions.In case of special circumstances, they can report to the local community in time and report to the local CDC for disposal after the community review.24-hour hotline: 0874 — 3123136 Annex: Hotline of Qujing County (city, district) and Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters March 30, 2022