The original Ren Jialun’s milk in the variety show, called Yang Zi sister, good girl

2022-07-27 0 By

Hello, everyone, I’m Xu Bai.Recently, “Meet you at the beginning” hit, Ren Jialun from the original small milk fish, attack into the King of Beiyuan, but in the face of Dili reba is still so milk, of course, the most milk is still kept in the Valley of Ten thousand flowers, when the female strong male weak.Originally thought this is the first time to find Ren Jialun so cute, so milk, unexpectedly in my archaeology to see “High-energy Youth Group” variety found that Ren Jialun’s milk, there are signs, especially in the variety called Yang Zizi sister, wow, good, want to touch the head.Two people in the back of the cooperation, Andy called Ren Jialun, the ultra brother, very funny, ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ because Ren Jialun, married I think actor is also very good, don’t worry about relationship collapse, don’t have to worry about working with the actress, fry real CP, job to job, life for life, the whole people more comfortable, in the face of work, seriously,I got along well with my cast.I look forward to more and more good works from Guo Chao in the later stage. You can try different styles. Xiaoyu is really played too well this time.