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At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, entrepreneurs who have returned to weiyuan are busy in the fields, pruning fruit trees.Implement land circulation;Increase the area of chives;Develop new projects…On the seventh day of the first lunar month, Zhao Jianwei of Dachong village, Xiangyi Town, was grasping to repair the FIG base pool, and rushed to Liangshan State for technical guidance in a few days.Because Zhao Jianwei planting FIG technology comprehensive, before the Spring Festival liangshan state a 400 acres of FIG base owners, hired him as a FIG technical consultant, after the county has hundreds of acres of FIG owners looking for him to undertake FIG grafting business.Therefore, he and his wife started work on the third day of the first lunar month, to further improve their own more than 40 acres of FIG base road, pool and other infrastructure, in order to reduce labor, reduce costs, improve benefits.Through more than 10 years of efforts, qiu Jialiang of shanwang town has expanded the area of fruit planting from a few acres to more than 100 acres, with an annual income of more than 500,000 yuan. He also led the surrounding villagers to develop more than 150 acres of fruit trees.But he was not satisfied. This year, he planted pears, dates, peaches and other varieties.In the face of scale expansion, we must constantly explore and seize all the time.So he went into the field on the second day of the first month to prune trees and fertilize them.His idea was: “Since we have brought everyone up, we should set an example for everyone and strive for good benefits every year.”Yang Quan of Dachong village, Xiangyi town, planted 50 mu gully ginger last year. Although the benefit is good, he still feels that the utilization rate of land is not high.These days he is negotiating with the villagers land transfer matters, he wants to add 40 acres, will gully ginger and boiler ginger combined, winter and spring two kinds of boiler ginger, summer and autumn two kinds of gully ginger, land does not rest empty, double the benefit.Li Qiang of Huangshi village, west town, planted chives, market sales are wide, and this year began to increase 50 acres on the basis of the existing 200 acres, on the fourth day of the first month, one family took employees to the ground.Zhou Yonghong, a large farmer in Guanyintan Town, also went out to contact new chickens and ducks as soon as the first day of the New Year, ready to expand.The spring of the Year of the Tiger is in full swing as young and middle-aged people return home to start their own businesses.