Li Fucheng: The core of entrepreneurship is to assume social responsibility

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Sanhe, February 7, 2022 / PRnewswire / — In response to the important spirit of “keeping seeds firmly in one’s own hands” proposed by the Party, Fucheng Has cooperated with well-known Breeding biotechnology companies in China to integrate new breeding technologies such as whole genome testing, gender control, embryo transfer and stem cells.The establishment of world-class high-standard beef cattle breeding technology system and platform.At present, the breeding effect is remarkable, and 500 calves have been produced. We plan to completely solve the “bottleneck” problem of beef cattle breeding in China in 3 years, and actively assume social responsibilities.Fucheng Investment Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Fucheng Group”) was founded in June 2006 by Mr. Li Fucheng, the “ox King” of China.Is an agriculture comprehensive development, food processing, food service, real estate development, rural construction and reform, finance, trade, property management, and other projects of capital investment for the integration of large-scale comprehensive enterprise group fu-cheng li believes that the core of entrepreneurship is a social responsibility company set up in 16 years, fu-cheng li also has always been adhering to the entrepreneurship,In the promotion of regional economic development, social responsibility and other aspects to make their own contributions.’s hebei blessing into five feng food co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “shares”) was established in March 1998, beef cattle breeding and slaughter processing, meat products, fast food, dairy products, food chain, the funeral service in the integration of large-scale comprehensive enterprise, July 13, 2004, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange (stock code 600965).The main products of Fucheng Are:PaiSuan beef, Chinese style western-style sauce LuZhiPin, low-temperature meat products, meat products, food, meat products, frozen food, dairy products and series generation of processing products, restaurant chain and funeral services an annual output of 20000 tons of meat and fast food products, an annual output of 20000 tons of dairy products, food and beverage outlets more than 30, more than 160000 tombs grave a division of division of frozen beef and fresh cowMeat processing and beef cattle slaughter and processing through the ISO9001:2000GB/TI9001-2000 quality management system and HACCP certification production of “Fu Cheng” brand series of food with its “safety, nutrition, health, delicious” excellent quality favored by the majority of consumers,Most of the products sold in China became the designated supplier of Diaoyutai State Guest House, The Great Hall of the People, Jingxi Guesthouse products won the expo consumer satisfaction award, The Chinese beef market consumer satisfaction and trust of the first brand and consumer trust products.The company’s Fucheng Real Estate adhere to the development concept of “urban development operator ideal life builder”, and constantly pursue higher challenges in participating in urban renewal.Offer excellent products and services for the market and customer f into real estate has developed the blessing into apartment, into the second period, into three period, into four period, f into five periods, overtown uptown in the second quarter, on the third quarter, phase ii of youth, youth, youth, youth new community three period, ideal new town, splendid Minneapolis, fucheng street, times square, etc,With a total scale of nearly 8.5 million square meters, the Shangshangcheng project is the largest commercial housing project in China in terms of construction area of a single project. Fusheng Real Estate also took this opportunity to create the “Shangshangcheng” real estate brand.Fucheng Group has won many honors successively, such as “China’s Most Influential Real Estate Brand Enterprise”, “Top ten Influential Real Estate Projects in China”, “Influential Regional Benchmark Projects”, “The Most Influential Real Estate Projects in China”, “Beijing’s most popular Real Estate Projects”, “Beijing’s most Promising Real estate Projects” and so on.In 2002, Fucheng Group was jointly identified by the Ministry of Agriculture and other nine ministries and commissions as the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, 2010 National Quality And Credit Integrity Unit, 2011 Integrity Demonstration Unit, the first batch of Quality credit AAAAA grade enterprises and many other honorary titles.It was awarded as “National Advanced unit for creating honest brand” and “Demonstration Unit for Key Recommendation of Honest Operation” by The Organizing Committee of China honest Brand Ten thousand Miles Trip. It was awarded as “Level 3 Enterprise of safe Production Standardization (light industry food production)” by Langfang Safety Production Supervision and Administration bureau.2017 in langfang city, hebei province people’s government and the people’s government awarded the “key leading enterprise”, in hebei province by hebei council for the promotion of enterprise credit and enterprise credit institute jointly awarded “credible enterprise contract in hebei province”, “fu” trademark by the state trademark bureau certification for China’s well-known trademarks, in 2019 won the “high-tech enterprise” title.Fucheng Group owns the well-known trademark of “Fucheng” in China and the trademark of “Xianjia”, which has become the “No. 1 brand of prepared food in North China”.Meanwhile, Fucheng Group has been the “king of cattle” brand in the cattle raising industry in China. Fucheng Group has a history of beef cattle raising for more than 30 years. In response to the call of “beef self-sufficiency rate should be maintained at around 85% in 2025 and 100 demonstration farms should be built” proposed by the state in April 2021, Fucheng Group began to resume cattle raising and slaughtering business.China’s first 10,000-head cattle breeding farm completed on December 18, 2021. It is expected that by September 2022, based on a 95% cow pregnancy rate, The Fucheng Cattle farm will have 19,000 cows and the corresponding contained profit will double.In response to the call of the Party that “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” and the important spirit of Sanhe Municipal Party Committee and Government to increase the ecological governance of eastern mines, Fucheng Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities and shows the responsibility of local enterprises. From 2010 to 2020, a total of more than 6 billion yuan has been invested.To renovate abandoned mines and pits 5.8 square kilometers to repair and afforestation barren hills and slopes 2.7 square kilometers to make arable, build-able and industrial standard land more than 12,000 mu to plant trees, fruit trees and other corolla trees more than 600,000 trees have changed from “ecological scars” to “green barriers”, and the eastern mines have become a beautiful ecological city name card.In the future, while continuing to do a good job in corporate development, Fucheng Group will actively undertake social responsibilities, pay attention to the society, give back to the society, and make its own contribution to promoting regional economic development and social prosperity. It is committed to becoming a well-known enterprise group in China with proud employees, trusted customers, leading the industry and respected by the society.